The Hermès Cargo Birkin Has A Big Brother


Remember how we were a bit gaga over the Hermès Cargo Birkin? Read Get A Load of the Cargo Birkin; The Handbags From Hermès Spring Summer 2020 That Excite Us

Those functional pockets are nearly made for the germaphobic (or virus-phobic) time we now are in. Don’t underestimate the utility of special easy accessible sections for your mask, sanitizer, gloves and extras.

And, now, from the recent Hermès Men’s Spring Summer virtual runway (so to speak), we meet the HAC Cargo Birkin. The HAC (or Haut à Courroies) actually is a style much (like a century) older than the beloved Birkin. It was designed and used for riding equipment. It is generally larger and deeper than the classic Birkin, as is necessary to carry your saddle and riding boots. But, for this reason, it also tends to be shown or men or used in travel.

So, which do you prefer? The Cargo Birkin or the Cargo HAC? Or do you “need” both, lol?