The Hermès Foundation is Here... We're Talking Makeup


Lipsticks, blushes, and polishes, oh my. . . Now comes Hermès’ continued foray into the world of beauty with  . . . face foundation. Except, don’t call it foundation . . . it is a “complexion balm” under the name Hermès Plein Air. 

According to Hermès, the product “elevates the skin with a weightless veil of sheer color and a radiant natural finish.” It is formulated with a hyaluronic acid complex providing long-lasting hydration for supple skin.” With 30SPF sun protection, the line is available in twelve shades to “adap[t] to all skin tones.” 

Also available are blotting papers, two powders, and a brush. Many Hermès beauty products may be purchased not only at boutiques but at large department and/or chain stores.

On its face, this business line allows Hermès to introduce itself to a new breed of customers at a substantially lower price point, hopefully developing a loyalty to the brand. It is an oft-repeated maxim, otherwise coined the “lipstick index” that even in a tough economy, lipstick sells.

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With this expanded range of cosmetics, will Hermès be the foundation (pun intended) for your beauty routine? Let us know.

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