There's Now An Actual Calculator for Cost Per Wear


We’ve all been there: in the shoe department strutting in that to-die-for pair of heels; eyeing the must-have bag; or modeling a new frock . . . convincing yourself the purchase makes sense. Will I really wear it? How much will I use it? Do I need another pair of shoes (since I only have two feet)?

If you’re like us, given enough time, you probably can justify almost any buy. But when trying to be a bit more objective, we look to cost-per-wear or usage. In other words: if I buy this and wear it every day for the next ten years, it will only cost a penny each time I use it. But you have to actually do the math.

That’s where this cool calculator comes in. Put out by, it figures out the cost-per-wear.

You follow the simple prompts to answer questions like the type of item, cost, seasons it is useable, how often you’ll use it, for how long, will you take care of it etc, to help you determine whether the purchase makes financial (rather than fashion) sense. Of course, you need to be honest with yourself and the calculator.

Let us know if this helps you. Or just makes you feel guiltier?