Hermès Boutique Smashed with a Car by Thieves in France


On Thursday, May 25, 2023, thieves smashed a car into the Hermès boutique on the prestigious Rue de la Grande Chaussée in Lille, France. This is the third instance of robbery in a luxury boutique in a French city this year. The French police report that thieves are still actively targeting luxury stores to steal handbags and other valuable goods.

The burglary in the city of Lille took place at dawn. This theft occurred just days after the Louis Vuitton boutique, located 100 meters down the road was victim to a similar burglary on May 17. This was not the first time that this Louis Vuitton boutique had been targeted. A gang had raided the same store in January.

Image courtesy: La Monde

Unfortunately, the Hermès boutique fell victim to the same method that was used during the January theft at Louis Vuitton. Thieves entered the boutique using vehicles to smash into the store facade to gain access. After entering the boutique, the gang made off with the most attainable goods.

So what did the thieves target at Hermès? It was reported that the thieves on Thursday escaped the burglary with a variety of items, including handbags, jewelry, and clothes. However, police sources state that part of the loot was abandoned on-site during their escape from the scene.

In addition to leaving behind goods from Hermès, the gang also fled the scene leaving behind two cars. This includes the car which was used to ram-raid the boutique. The French police are still searching for an additional third vehicle that was used during the raid.

It seems that these attacks on luxury boutiques are becoming even more frequent. What are your thoughts? Do these incidents make you feel less comfortable shopping for luxury?

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