Thoughts on the new Givenchy Nightingale???


Hello fellow Boppers,

I have always been a fan of the Givenchy Nightingale Bag so during my Honeymoon trip to Italy, France and England I went into Galeries Lafayette in Paris to check it out and maybe convince hubby to let me buy one hehe. But, to my surprise, I didn´t like the new design :( I showed it to hubby and his reaction was “this is the bag you like? it´s so lame… you have bags far prettier than this…” and I had to agree with him, I think the new design is not an upgrade to the older version…I don´t think it´s lame like DH said, but it just didn´t make my heart beat faster…and so we left the Givenchy stand to go drool over the Boys on the CC window display (me drool I mean, hubby just had that “I married a maniac” expression on his face while he saw hearts coming out of my eyes hahahaha)
Thankfully my cousin´s girlfriend was visiting him in the US and found me the older model, in the size I wanted, aaaaaannnnndddd (even more important for “after wedding/honeymoon/apartment remodeling bankrupt me” hahaha), on sale because the model changed. So I guess I have to be thankful for the new design because I got the one I wanted at a great price (see, everything has a positive side)…I never cared if a bag is last season or discontinued model, if I like it now, I´ll cherish it forever…I was so so happy when I received exactly the one I wished for :) plus, hubby said “now we´re talking, this one is much prettier than that one we saw in paris” ;)

So, after all my blabbing (yes, I know, I always write too much… can´t help it, I get too excited when the words Chanel, Hermès, Givenchy, Fendi, Prada, Delvaux, Valentino, Dior, Mulberry, LV, Goyard, Celine, Miu Miu etc etc etc come up), what are your thoughts on the Nightingale´s new design???

The black Nightingale is the new design (pic taken from Pursebop’s “The Givenchy game” post.
The orange one is my older version Micro Nightingale

You can be honest about it ok? if you like the new version better, don’t be intimidated to say so just because mine is the older style ? I won’t consider it cyber bullying and sue you, cross my heart ?

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I think it’s really blah.. just nothing attractive about the new design. The old design is ok but still kinda blah. I much prefer the Lucrezia and Antigona bags!

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