To get the Chanel classic flap?? Can’t decide on first bag!


I recently made the decision to invest in a designer handbag but can’t decide if I want to spend all the money on a Chanel flap bag, when I could buy so many extra bags with that money.. but at the same time Chanel as a brand is definitely my favourite when it comes to bags. But I think I’d be happy with a lot of their cheaper vintage bags, coin purses with chain etc. at the same time, I won’t want to hold off on the Chanel classic because the price goes up!
How much do you think the Chanel classic will go up in another 1 year, 3years, 10 years? Will it start staying at a certain price or even go down within that time?
I’ve got all the money saved, but to think of all the extra bags I could buy with that money is honestly making me anxious ahahaha.
Or what about the Dior saddle bag? Does that go up in price? Thanks in advance x

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Hi Bianca, if Chanel is your favorite, then definitely go for it. It’s a classic and you’ll probably use it and love it for years to come.

I got a Dior saddle a year ago and I thought I would love it just as much, but it certainly didn’t grow on me like how my classic Chanel flap did. Remember, the saddle bag went out of fashion (and production) in the early 2000s, so the saddle could be that seasonal again.

I had the same concerns as you in 2012/2013. I was deciding between a Chanel jumbo flap and other brands. Ended up getting a Dior and Celine for the same price but guess what, I didn’t use these 2 bags as much as I would have liked. And after all these years, I’m still hankering after the jumbo classic flap. Pinching myself for not biting the bullet in 2012 when it still cost about £3000 ish for the jumbo. It’s nearly the end of 2019 now and I have recently purchased the jumbo (yes, in spite of the numerous price increases).

Another tip you may wish to consider. There are several companies that offer a subscription based service where you can ‘rent’ the bags for a period of time. Why not try that out for a month? If you realize that you really can’t live without the Chanel, then go for it! 🙂

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Bianca – follow your heart. If what you really want is a Chanel classic flap bag, then get that. You likely won’t be satisfied even if you purchase 10 other bags and will keep eyeing the Chanel. At least, that’s been my experience.

Yes, the price for Chanel bags keeps rising. It’s hard to imagine the price declining in the future, but the rate of increase (which has been fairly aggressive as of late) could slow. My first flap – around 15 years ago – cost $1200 or so. That same bag is now nearing $6K. For people saving up for the Chanel flap, the financial goalpost keeps moving.

You might not rule out, however, purchasing one in the secondary market. Although Chanel bags hold value (though not nearly as well as the Hermès B/K/C trifecta), there are deals to be found. Just make sure you use someone reputable and have it authenticated. There are a lot of good fakes out there.

Hope that helps. Keep us posted on what you decide. Best, m

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