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Hey lovelies ?? everytime i travel i make looooooong lists not to forget anything ? i will be travelling soon so i should start making my long lists again ?? so i will list my couple of must-haves for my Summer vacation ? can you please also list your own must have list ?? i guess that will be very useful for many of us ?

Here is my list:
Sun cremes
Big hats (yes i hate direct sun light ?)
My saver hair products
Tangle teezer (this is a miracle)
Natural-stone bracelets to complete whole summer looks even at beach
Light kaftans to catch that chic beach look ?
My bikinis of course
Comfy (in neutral sandals to match with everything) sandals
My LV Neverfull Mon monogram bag (it is the most practical vacation bag)
This is the most useful tip: my 2 longchamp handbags (they dont keep any space and perfect for after shopping if you dont have any space in your luggage-here it is now you have 2 more luggages ✌?️???)
And of course my luggage cases

I will definitely add more soon ??

Btw i add some photos ?

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Beautiful pics!

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Great thread Selin :) loved the Longchamp tip ;)
Well, in my case, when I travel I usually prefer to visit colder places since here in Brazil it´s always hot and I hate hot weather. So my list always includes:
_ thermal shirts and leggings
– a very warm coat
– wool caps and scarves
– gloves that allow us to use touchscreen without taking them off
– boots
– moisturizing cream
– carmex lipbalm (I´m addicted to it)
– sunnies
– tangle teezer (yes, it is a miracle)
– sunscreen (I never leave the house without it whether it´s hot or cold)
– canon camera
– large Fendi Peekaboo and Gucci Soho Disco (always good to take a big and a small bag)
– comfy sneakers (usually my spiked Superga high tops or colorful New Balance)

these are all I can think of right now… I´ll edit the comment if I remember anything important ;)

  • Lifeandstyletips
    thanks PatiEv, actually these will be very useful for me. 2 times in a year, in Winter and Summer, i go for a long trip. these will be perfect tips for my Winter holiday ;) btw i never leave the house without sunscreen too :)
  • PatiEv
    thanks hun :) I´ll be coming back to this thread next time I go to the beach… you gave us the perfect checklist ;)
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