Warning: Hermès Scam Alert


Once again, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is NO free Hermès bag giveaway. We will say it again: if you were solicited online for a free Hermès bag, as good as it sounds, don’t bite! It absolutely is fraudulent. And if our word isn’t enough, fact-checking website Snopes confirmed that an Hermès bag giveaway circulating online is a scam.

The scam took place on various bogus websites, all of which were hosted in China. The websites featured the Hermès logo and a banner reading “Free gift with Hermes. Good luck”. It then instructed viewers of the site to partake in a multiple-choice survey which included four questions.

After users answered the questions, the site informed them that they had a chance to “win gifts”. It then told them to play a game where users click on cartoon gift boxes until they, supposedly, “win” a bag.

The sites then instructed users to share the scam on Whatsapp with either five groups or 20 contacts within eight minutes.

There were several sketchy elements of the alleged “giveaway” which straight away made many users suspect it was a scam. The first and most obvious is the fact that Hermès are certainly not known for giveaways. Also, the “questionnaire” was full of grammatical errors such as, “Do you know Hermès bag?”

Needless to say, this is most definitely a scam and we advise all our readers to beware and refrain from clicking on or sharing any links which claim to lead to an Hermès giveaway.