What do you do with your "it" bags are past their prime?


A) Get rid of it (sell, give it away) because they’re so 3 seasons ago.
B) If you like the bag, you could care less it’s an ex “it” bag. If you like it, you’ll wear it.

I have to say I’m a B girl all the way. If there’s something in my closet I love, I’ll wear it, like my Chloe bracelet bags (I’ve even bought a beautiful gold beaded one not long ago).

The only fashion rules I obey 100% are: ALWAYS be appropriately dressed for the occasion, dress your age (which doesn’t mean the same for everyone) and most importantly, have fun with fashion and ALWAYS be yourself 🙂

So, are you an A) and gets rid of your bags past their “it” expiration date or are you a B) and wear certain bags past their prime, if you still enjoy them?

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Great question Blondissima777 😉 I´m 100% a B girl… I couldn´r care less if my bags are from 20 seasons ago or brand new…I love and cherish all my baggies just the same, independent of their age/season.
If there are any “A” ladies out there, I´m accepting donations hahahahaha

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Love this topic Blondissima777, I can’t wait to give you my take ~ running out now… But will be back later today!

  • Blondissima777

    Hey, PurseBoss. Glad to hear you love it. Looking forward to seeing what’s your take on the subject :)

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