What's your biggest fashion pet peeve?


What fashion bad habits and faux pas annoy you the most? Bra straps showing? Clashing clothes in the wrong season? Too much perfume? ANYTHING

Rant below! What style sins bother you?

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Just read everyone´s pet peeve´s and realized I don´t even have to write mine because it would be repetitive hahahaha I basically make mademoiselle´s words mine ;) If I remember anything else, I´ll come back and write it.

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I have quite a few, and I don’t want to sound elitist or snobbish as my actual pet peeves are snobs, but I won’t go into that!

My most avid pet peeve is fake handbags – I cannot stand fake handbags, people buying or selling fake handbags. I know the market is over saturated with them and us ladies love an amazing bargain, but they really make things difficult for us to purchase something pre-loved when there is the possibility of it being fake, it’s horrible that desperate and deceiving people out there want to destroy us ladies wanting to buy/ sell their beloved bags just for the cash! Work like we all do and earn your money that’a way!

My second pet peeve is people spending all their money on handbags – now I know I’m guilty to this and we all spend a lot of money in the luxury world, but there are people out there who spend their life savings on handbags just for the ‘elitist’ status. I’m pretty much going to cross over into what @levernisnoir said about this, but you really need to have the disposable cash first and put other important financial priorities first before diving head first into the luxury world, and please be educated about it and the brands – don’t buy a Louis because ‘everyone else’ has one, appreciate it’s craftsmanship and history, jeez!

Thirdly, I don’t like people who make their handbags look cheap – I’ve seen many people out there who may (or may not) have real handbags and completely ruin their beautiful piece and elegance with their horrible personality or terrible and lazy dress choice. I’ve seen people talking with so much vulgarity, makeup not done properly or overdone, negligence of hygiene with a Chanel on their shoulder. Again, I’m not trying to be a snob, but if you’re going to wear something so classy and beautiful make me believe it’s real, and make yourself look a million dollars more than your handbag! Be classy ladies!

Fourth peeve, I am not an avid fan of overpacking on bag charms – I love them without a doubt, but when it gets too much, it really gets to the point where the bag is hidden and it’s all about the charms. It’s a perfect accessory, but when it gets too noisy, I tend to look away…

Fifth thing, I cannot stand it when I see people thrashing their bags, putting them on the floor when the bag does not have protective feet, over stuffing the bags so that it looses it’s shape, dirty and unkept bags, shoes, accessories and clothes! Sometimes you’re in a rush or got into an argument and you look dishevelled, but if you’re out and about, take some time to take care of your bag and yourself.

I have more, but for now lastly, I cannot stand overly tight clothes and anything tacky (ie. JC trakkies outside) – wear something that is in your size and look fabulous in it, I can’t stand it when I see someone’s behind out in public due to them wearing jeans not in their size, compliment your figure go a size up or even down, own your body shape :)

  • All of this is so true! And it’s not elitist or snobby, it’s just about having pride in your appearance and how you treat your possessions no matter your economic status! ???
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I have several in no particular order –
— wearing yoga/gym clothes out in public as an outfit – the extreme laziness of people and the rise of Lululemon is so appalling to me! College girls and housewives have just lost all sense of style and it’s just not that hard to put on a comfortable pair of jeans and a cotton shirt. #bebetterthanlulu
— flip flops as shoes – I have Havianas for the nail salon and that’s it. You are an adult, buy some nice slip on Gucci sandals or something. I have several pair that are 7+ years old and they are fabulous.
— Faux anything – the fake industry as @styledguy mentioned is horrible and funds all kinds of illegal activity
— white jeans/pants before Easter – sorry, but I know all the fashion rules have been broken, yada yada, but basically these should be Easter – September and maybe October in the Southern U.S. There are still a few things that should be kinda special to look forward to! I will never forget seeing a girl at a fancy steakhouse on NYE in a large city wearing a silk top, white jeans and Louboutins. I’m mean, it’s NYE – you can literally wear ANYTHING and you chose white jeans which you can wear a billion other days a year. NO.
— jeans with large embroidery or studs/jewels – this seems to be a continuing trend in the suburbs in the South and it’s awful – loud, obnoxious clothing of this nature that should be in the Ed Hardy realm needs to be relegated to a bonfire.
— attire at super nice restaraunts – I’ve seen it all and it’s all awful. I’m sad that so many “jacket required” places have abandoned this policy since 2008 it seems because everyone is so afraid to turn people away. Wife beaters and sideways ball caps have no business in a place where you spend minimum $150 on dinner. I feel like Daniel in NYC is the last place that has a dress code and my God it was glorious. The maître’d even told an annoying girl there she couldn’t take pictures when she got up to bust out her phone. Greatest evening ever! ?

None of this is meant to be snobby of course, but just that the way you present yourself can be easy and inexpensive without all the above. It’s ok to be “dressed”!!! ??

  • Helenkm
    OK, a bit late to comment but I totally agree with the housewives wearing gym clothes out f the gym and I say this as a housewife/farmers wife myself. Most days ( unless I have something planned) I am wearing jcrew matchtick jeans, armor lux or St James breton tops and chanel ballet flats. Its stylish, comfortable and easy to wear. Im also a big believer in #wearyourwage. Good post, loved reading it
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I have a few, I hope nobody takes them personally(except for the last one which is serious)

– Wearing TWO watches at once..
– When people put those twilly scarves on Birkin handles?
– Guys who wear visible white socks? Ok so u going to spend 1k on a pair of shoes but keep those nasty socks on? Bye

But the one thing that truly pisses me off more than anything is..
– InstaFakes! People that purchase fake items just to look cool on IG. These are, in my opinion, some of the worst types of people. They have no respect for human life – which is why they support the fake industry, essentially human slaverly/child abuse.

It’s utterly ridiculous how they think people are going to believe they can afford a 50k love braceles etc. I don’t want to come across as cruel so I won’t mention names.. or make comparsions about their clothes/cars/homes lol? #ActYourWage #OrLackOf

I guess some people would rather buy something cheap made by an abused woman, instead of actually working hard for the real deal.

  • Morgan
    always love your humor and punch, thanks for sharing @styledguy!
  • You are so on point, sir! The scarves on handles thing I feel neutral about but everything else, just – yes!!!! ????
  • Preach! I absolutely agree! Except I love my twillys, but the other 2 points are extremely valid <3
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Ok, so this isn’t exactly what you’re talking about but it definitely annoys me. People who buy expensive items/designer labels SOLELY for the status and prestige it brings with no desire to learn or educate themselves about the brand. Now don’t get me wrong, I and I’m sure everyone else here buys the items they do because of status or exclusivity to some degree, but I think there is a huge difference between being a true enthusiast and buying something solely because it’s expensive. I know someone in particular who received a Birkin as a birthday gift and she couldn’t be more clueless. She didn’t know that normally you can’t just walk into the store and buy one, didn’t know what the cost was, and was totally unappreciative of the exclusivity it has. She wouldn’t know the difference between sellier and retourne or what CDC is or anything about the brand history of Hermes. The only reason she wanted a Birkin was because it was an expensive status symbol, not because she had any interest in the brand. That’s definitely a pet peeve of mine.

  • ChampagneOclock
    I’m neutral on the Twillys. Havaianas + long summer dresses are very common and very chic in places like Mykonos, Miami, St Tropez, Capri, Rio, Trancoso, Florianopolis, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Dubrovnik…..but I agree with everything else!
  • Omg yes, @champagneoclock! I should have amended my Havianas statement to exclude tropical and summery locations! My two pairs I actually bought in Rio when we were there and I wore them to death there! ?
  • levernisnoir
    I think there’s a time and a place for flip flops and if you’re in a seaside location that is warm like the locales you mentioned then it is definitely appropriate and can look chic. I think what @sappphireandscotch was referring to are people who are too lazy or lack style and just wear them all the time with their yoga pants and studded jeans and to inappropriate places, a fancy restaurant at night for example. I see this way too often where I live.
  • Yes, @levernisnoir! Hmmm, we must live in the same city?! Lol. ???
  • ChampagneOclock
    Sapphiresandscotch and levernisnoir: yes, I absolutely understood what you meant ? and I agree?? StyledGuy: HAHAHAHA??? laughing through 2065 at #ActYourWage
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