You are all My Inspiration!


Hello wonderful ladies!

I read all of your posts here and it makes me really inspired to see people who have so much knowledge and fashion passion and the desire to look great.

I started my bag collection with LV about 8 years ago (just when got a first job, dont judge me too much – I’m turning 26 this year) with a speedy and a never full. Just a bit of background – I’m a USSR born London based fashion enthusiast by night and Canary Wharf girl by day. Soon my collection expanded to 10-15 bags but annoyance with always full of tourists LV stores and dislike in their clothes designs and the fact that I didn’t like anything else apart from the accessories grew bigger. Around that time LV became the holy grail of fake factories, Chinese people would come and take pictures and excitement was just not the same as I always had to wait, SAs changed too often and it all became some sort of a chaotic experience.

I started looking elsewhere for inspirations.

One day in Vienna I walked into a Chanel shop to look at necklaces and then I saw Her – my first double flap. Made from softest lambskin leather, with gold hardware and burgundy interiors, this bag wasn’t too small for work but also wasn’t too big for going out, it could be worn cross body and on the shoulder. I felt that I found My bag. Then 2.55 caviar leather in navy followed, orange mini, boho messenger in oyster, ecru, a CC beach bag, then a quilted tweed 2.55 – they all were perfect and complimented each other perfectly.

And then one day I was walking around in St Moritz and I saw a woman carrying a magnificent black crocodile BIRKIN. I knew very little about Birkins in fact about Hermes so I started researching. The more I found out the more I visited stores the more I became motivated to start my own collection. In my eyes BIRKIN is an ultimate dream, an act of actualisation on the bag frontier, reaching the goal, top of the mountain of joy. The fact that they are so difficult to get hold of only adds on to the desire to have it.

I don’t possess one yet but I started this journey of building up my customer profile in Hermes. I have a few clic clacs, shawls, Sachs, ties, shoes, jewellery trays, and my latest addition to the family has been a bamboo Evelyne…

The desire to have BIRKIN introduced me to the whole mysterious world of Hermes. Softest leathers they use, best craftsmanship, intriguing designs and the hardship of getting into the circle – it all is really really appealing!

I admire every single one of you who already is in the circle and love every picture of your Birkins, Kellies, Constances, cuffs, shoes, etc – they all motivate me.

I opened up my ‘bag’ heart so please wish me luck on MY Hermes journey :)

Lots of love and admiration,

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Welcome dear FFTS, LOVED reading your story. You like many of us, are on that lovely H path to bag bliss, LOL
You have all my luck love, and I look forward to your updates!

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