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Hi gals and guys!!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Hermès clutches with my recent addition… Finally, I have my 4 most desired Hermès clutch styles… And it made me realize which one is my favorite!!

What I started off thinking I wanted most (Medor) is NOT actually my current favorite (Kelly Cut), for reasons I detailed on my Pursebop write-up here:

The Tale of 5 Hermes Clutches

What about you? Are you a clutch person? If so, which Hermès clutch is your favorite? Do you own it? If yes, please post pictures and share why it’s your favorite…

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Thankyou for this excellent review – I have been struggling to decide on an ideal clutch and your article finally helped me make up my mind. The Kelly Pochette seems ideal for me – apart from the epic wait. Seems like Epsom is the best option although I wondered if Togo was available as a Sellier style…

Looking forward to your next review,

  • LeOrangeBliss

    Thank you very much for reading my post Susietunes! I am so glad I could help you with your decision. The Kelly Pochette is totally adorable, and epsom is wonderful in small clutches. I have never seen it in Togo leather to be honest with you, so I am not sure if it’s made in that leather. Best of luck on your wait, I hope one arrives for you soon! It truly tests the patience to obtain one of these clutches in a desired color and HW, but don’t lose hope and make sure to remind your SA of your wishlist!!

  • Susietunes

    Thankyou for your advice – I’ll get my lovely SA on the case; I’ll ask for Epsom and as long as it’s with PHW and in a neutral tone (very broad definition of same), I’ll be delighted.
    Looking forward to seeing your next fabulous Kelly Cut – I sense you’re on for a second!

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