Brazilian Bop: Meeting of the Waters on the Amazon River

The “Meeting of the Waters” on the Amazon River begins approximately 8 kilometers from Manaus, Brazil, where  the “white”  Rio Solimões  meets the “black” Rio Negro. The Solimoes river is muddy and light in color like a cappuccino, and the Rio Negro is dark and clear like black coffee. These pictures were taken at the point where the rivers join. The properties of each of the two bodies of water keep them running side by side without merging for anywhere from 6-10 kilometers. This merging of waters is where the Amazon river begins. I ran my hand through the meeting point of the waters and the difference is so prominent!

BrazillianBop-MeetingoftheWatersonTheAmazonriver (3)

BrazillianBop-MeetingoftheWatersonTheAmazonriver (1)

It is as black and white as the Solimoes and the Rio Negro, pure… beautiful consummation of life. We make it gray….

BrazillianBop-MeetingoftheWatersonTheAmazonriver (2)

Heading back to Manaus, I’m really glad that the thunderstorm is far in the distance.

BrazillianBop-MeetingoftheWatersonTheAmazonriver (4)


Published: February 12th, 2013
Updated: November 16th, 2014

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