Dear PurseBop: How Do I Apply Online for a Leather Appointment for the Paris Hermès Boutiques?

Having just returned from Paris Fashion Week where we attended the Hermès Fall/Winter 2023 Fashion show, it seems appropriate to highlight the most recent Dear PurseBop questions requesting information on shopping in Paris.

Most people who visit Paris hope to score a bag at one of the three Hermès boutiques. It seems that things have changed in Paris and it is getting more difficult to get an online leather appointment, and even if you get an appointment, not everyone is offered a Birkin or Kelly bag. Keep reading to get more tips and information about shopping at Hermès in Paris.

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Dear PurseBop: What is the Link to Apply Online for a Leather Appointment at the Paris Hermès Boutiques?

When traveling to Paris, it is best to start applying online for a leather appointment at one of the Paris Hermès boutiques one day before arrival into Paris. Once in Paris, apply every day without fail to increase your chances of getting an appointment. Read more of Dear PurseBop’s tips about applying online for a leather appointment including the link needed to apply online.

Dear PurseBop: What Can I Do To Increase My Chances of Getting a Leather Appointment at Hermès In Paris?

There are several things you can do to increase your chances of getting a leather appointment at one of the Hermès boutiques in Paris. Dear PurseBop has many tips. Read more here and follow the suggestions outlined.

Dear PurseBop: Do I Need An Appointment To Shop in Each Department of the Paris Hermès Boutiques?

It is always a good idea to shop and enjoy all the things offered at the three Hermès boutiques in Paris. Not only is the cost of each item likely less than in your home store, there is potentially different inventory than your local boutique. And hopefully they have more inventory, giving you more options to find things you love and will use. Find out whether you need an appointment to shop in the non-leather metiers within the Hermès boutiques in Paris by reading more here.

Dear PurseBop: What Was Your Most Memorable Experience During Your Last Visit To Paris?

Paris is pure magic no matter when you visit. All four seasons of the year are delightful and offer varying experiences. During our last visit in March, 2023, it was extra special because it was Paris Fashion Week. There are many events, shows, and interesting people to meet. Visit here to discover our most memorable moments in Paris during Fashion Week.

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Published: April 4th, 2023
Updated: April 4th, 2023

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