Face-off: Chanel Jungle Stroll versus Hermes Evelyne

Let’s say you’re looking for a crossbody bag.  Good for running errands, sightseeing, whatever. The strap should be adjustable. There must be an outside pocket. It needs both a cool and a classy vibe. And, oh yeah, it’s got to be super luxury.

Time to play: This or That… pitting the well-established and loved Hermes Evelyne against the new and intriguing Chanel Jungle Stroll.

First up, the Evelyne. It’s functional, relatively affordable and easy to carry.  As we’ve written before, it’s an Hermès favorite. Available in four sizes, it’s main section is open with a snap across the top. One side of the bag has a giant H logo outlined in holes which actually were intended for ventilation. The other side has a small outside pocket. The (usually) canvas adjustable strap is removable and can be interchanged with many and any other straps. You can use it as either a shoulder or crossbody sak. Typically the Evelyne comes in Clemence or Epsom solid color leather but we occasionally see variations on this. 


There also is an Evelyne Sellier bag in cowhide leather with a different logo design. The Sellier is available in sizes medium and large. A number of Evelyne versions can be purchased on the Hermès website.

Photo courtesy: hermes.com

The medium and large sizes cost $3375 and $3725, respectively.  The Sellier Evelynes are $4825 and $5350, respectively.

Now, to the newcomer – the Chanel Jungle Stroll, new (we are told) for 2018.  Seen in quilt patterned calfskin leather and denim thus far, this slightly north-south shaped bag also features an open top and outside pocket.  It comes in two sizes – the smaller is for shoulder and hand carry (more on this later) and the larger can go crossbody as well. On the leather version, the strap also is leather, adjustable of course.  Naturally, being Chanel, there’s a chain . . . a chain handle to be precise, giving you the option to hand hold the bag. In leather, the Jungle Stroll is about $3600 for small and $4000 for large. 

Sadly, the bag cannot be purchased online nor can it be viewed in the Chanel website.  Frankly, it’s been difficult to get a peek at this one.


So, which is it for you – This (Hermès Evelyne) or That (Chanel Jungle Stroll).  Let us know.

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Published: April 19th, 2018
Updated: April 19th, 2018

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