Are All Hermès Bags Impossible to Purchase Now?

Dear PurseBop,
I know Birkins and Kelly’s are hard to get but I can’t seem to find any available Hermes bags – even less expensive bags (such as Evelynes or Picotins). I always purchase all other items from the same SA, and I even use him to order from other stores when my store doesn’t have something. Is it just me or are all bags impossible to find right now?
Dear Desperate for a Hermès Bag,
We understand your frustration and impatience in getting offered a quota or a non-quota bag. It is true that all Hermès bags seem to be extremely difficult to obtain. The demand is so great and the supply remains historically low. 
Consider the following quesitons:
– Have you given your SA a written and/or verbal wish list of the bags you desire?
– Is your wish list specific enough to give them options but general enough to explore similar bags?
– Have you asked your SA when you might be offered a non quota or quota bag?
– Have you asked if there is more they recommend you do to obtain your dream bag?
If you answered no to any of these questions it might be a good idea to discuss this with your SA. Let them know you would love a Picotin or an Evelyne and ask if that is possible in the near future. Then text or email them a specific wish list with 4-5 bag choices indicating the type of bag, the size, the color leather, and the type of hardware. If a bag is not offered in the next few months you could consider reaching out to a manager for assistance. 
Good luck and happy shopping.
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