Can I Purchase A Hermès Quota Bag In London While There On Business


Dear PurseBop:

Can you walk-in and purchase a quota bag at an Hermès London store like you can in Paris? I am an American heading to the UK soon for a work trip, and want to do some retail therapy.

Dear London Business Traveler:

London Hermès stores have instituted a central wish list quota system which is unique to the UK and some Asian stores. It is our understanding that a local customer (not a tourist) may shop with a SA and then request to fill out their wish list form. The wish list may contain three quota bag choices. The SA has no control over when the wish list is fulfilled. It is done by a central hub. The wish list is valid for 8 months then must be resubmitted.

We have not heard that a tourist has been able to walk into a store in London and purchase a quota bag. You may shop in one of the Hermès boutiques in London and ask the SA about the process to obtain a quota bag since you will be there on business.  Please share with us any information you obtain. Also read the linked prior responses below. 

Good luck and happy shopping in London.


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