Do Online Purchases Made At Hermè Count Toward My Spend Profile and Brand Loyalty?



I live near my Hermès store only part of the year with the remainder of my time spent nowhere near a physical store. Thus, I make purchases online at Hermè Do these count towards my brand loyalty, and does my SA see that I’m spending throughout the year? Thanks!

Dear Online Shopper:

Your SA can see what you purchase online, but those purchases may not be applied to your total spend profile at your local boutique. Purchases made at your home boutique are applied to your spend profile. Online purchases are at the discretion of the individual boutique. Your purchases show brand loyalty which they appreciate and may be rewarded.

Although brand loyalty is appreciated company wide from purchases made online, quota bags offers based on the amount spent online is at the discretion of the store’s manager or director. Purchases made within your local boutique do, however, count toward your spend profile.

Your SA receives a commission from sales made within the boutique only, not sales made online. It is important to be aware of this distinction. If you are buying leather non-quota bags online that your SA is unable to get you, that is unerstandable. But the amount spent online may or may not increase your profile at your home boutique.

It is best to shop with your SA in your home boutique. For the time you are not in that city, you can maintain communication with your SA and request products you desire through them. They may be able to ship the items to you, or hold them until you return to your city.

Following this procedure is the best way to build a solid spend profile that will lead to an offer of a Birkin or a Kelly, if that is what you desire.


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