Do You Believe Hermès Will Offer a Quota Bag Without a Prior Spend History?



Hi, do you think Hermès will ever offer a bag without a purchase history with them? I don’t want to keep on buying for that reason.

There are always exceptions, and there are customers who say they were offered a Birkin or Kelly without purchasing any items from Hermès. However, the accepted procedure is to connect with one SA in one location, shop with that SA and make purchases that you love in different departments of the store, give your SA a wishlist, and when your SA obtains a bag you have on your wishlist, you may be offered that quota bag. 

We do not see this procedure changing anytime in the near or distant future. It is a well established form of business that Hermès has perfected. Their clients generally come in well prepared to shop and enjoy the process until they are offered a Birkin or Kelly of their dreams. 

In Paris, at the Hermès flagship store known as FSH (Faubourg Saint Honoré) it was possible in the past to obtain an appointment online for the purpose of requesting a Birkin or Kelly. During that appointment many people were offered a Birkin or a Kelly without any prior spend history with Hermès in France. 

Although never confirmed by Hermès, this scenario is becoming more and more rare at all three boutiques in Paris. It appears that a prior spend history with Hermès in France may be necessary before a quota bag will be offered. And the more you spend, the more options may be available. We are also hearing that an online appointment is necessary to obtain a quota bag, not a walk-in appointment.

If you desire a Birkin or Kelly offer, we recommend shopping with one SA in your local boutique and building a genuine relationship. Your SA will be able to explain to you how the process works in your store. 

Good luck and happy shopping.


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