Do You Think My Hermès Special Order from FSH In Paris Will Be Placed?



Hello! I was offered a special order in Hermes FSH (not my hometown), however after reading other people’s special order process I found my own process a bit off. Firstly, the SA had the colors available on his phone but never really showed it to me, just asked for the color I wanted. Secondly, he did not fill out a form, he just wrote down what I wanted in his phone (notes). Thirdly, he didn’t give me any contact info in case I wanted to ask about my bag. I am worried that this wasn’t a real SO, but just something he offered because there were no bags available. What do you think and is there any way I can contact Paris FSH and ask for an update? Thank you.

Dear FSH Special Order:

I have heard similar stories from community members who were given the opportunity to place a Special Order during their leather appointment at FSH in Paris. They also expressed concern that they were unsure whether the order was actually placed, how long it would take, and how would they be contacted by the SA when it was completed.

One person recently let us know that their SA in Paris contacted them that their Special Order placed 6 months ago was ready. She flew to Paris and received it. She had no other contact with her SA after placing the order. The order was completed exactly as she placed it, within only 6 months. Generally, Special Orders can take between 6-18 months to complete. However, since the Pandemic and the supply chain issues, this timeline can vary based on the choices made.

Although you stated that the SA did not give you their contact information, I assume you gave the SA your contact information. Our suggestion is to wait at least 6 months for an email or text from your SA. If no response is received you could consider contacting FSH to inquire about your SO. Hopefully, the order was placed and you will receive word when it is completed. Be aware that you received an extra special opportunity during your leather appointment at FSH in Paris that does not occur very often.


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