Does Hermès in St. Barths Have a Lottery System for Leather Appointments Similar to Paris locations?

Dear PurseBop,
Hi! I’m going to St. Barths in April and wanted to see what the Hermès situation was there. Believe it or not, I was able to score a Kelly 25 in Paris at the Flagship location on New Year’s Eve. I would love to get another one while in St. Barths. Do they have the sign up system or just line?
Dear St. Barths Traveler:
First, congratulations on scoring a Kelly 25 in Paris at the flagship location.
St. Barths is so beautiful. In St. Barths the prices of Hermès items are the same as in Paris, but we understand there is no VAT refund. There is also no online appointment system in St. Barths to apply for a leather appointment like in Paris.
One of our community members advised us that the St. Barths Hermès boutique is a franchise boutique. This means that they are not bound to follow the “Hermès rules.” We have received reports that offers of quota and other bags have been made at this location.
You may shop at the boutique as in any location. We recommend connecting with one SA during your visit, shop with them, and then inquire about getting a quota bag.
To our knowledge, no other location of Hermès operates the way the three Paris Hermès stores do with respect to being offered a quota bag  with a leather appointment. There is no online lottery system in place for leather appointments anywhere in the world but Paris to our knowledge.
St Barths is a French province so it has the same prices of bags and other items as in Paris. However, to be offered a quota bag may require a relationship with a SA and a spending profile. It is always worth asking for a bag, but it may require buying items you love and then asking if it is possible to purchase a bag. Connecting and shopping with one SA in St. Barths appears to be your best option. 
Good luck and keep us updated on your experience in St. Barths.
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