Help! I Was Offered a Limited Edition 3-in-1 Birkin in Paris as my First Birkin Instead of a Classic Birkin!



Dear PurseBop, I was incredibly lucky to be offered a gold Birkin 30 with silver hardware in Paris. It’s my very first Birkin! My only reservation is that it’s the limited edition 3-in-1. As beautiful as this bag is, I do wish I was offered a classic Birkin. It seems that the 3-in-1 is more of a collector’s item, and I’m not at a level of collecting Birkins. And to be completely honest, I don’t have a relationship with an SA…so the chance of being offered another Birkin will take a while. My question is – if you were me, would you keep the 3-in-1 since it’s still beautiful? Or would you sell it and start fresh at a Hermès store with an SA and hope for a classic Birkin? Does the 3-in-1 have a high resale value? Because the other option is to sell it and purchase a Birkin on the resale market. My mind can’t decide what to do and I desperately need your help!

Dear Confused About the Birkin 3-in-1:

You are very fortunate to have been offered a Birkin 30 3-in-1 as your first Birkin. Although I understand your desire for a “classic” Birkin 30, the Birkin 3-in-1 has many advantages you may or may not be aware of.

First, the pouch can be inserted and removed anytime so it can also serve as a separate bag or clutch on occasions when you may not want to use the Birkin. The pouch is also quite understated so it could travel under the radar without attracting attention the way the Birkin might.

Second, when the pouch is inserted into the Birkin, it allows the flap to be visible on the front while still allowing you to access your belongings without having to open the bag. With the flap/pouch attached, your Birkin looks like a traditional Birkin but with the added advantage that you can access your belongings easily even though the bag looks like it is secured on the outside.

You mentioned several viable options if you decide the 3-in-1 Birkin is not for you. Your Birkin is rare, not readily available on the retail or resale market, and the color combination is extremely popular. The 3-in-1 is often listed at a higher premium than the classic Birkin in the same leather, color and hardware. So the increased value potentially exists.

Our suggestion is to review the resale market to see the amount the 3-in1 is listed for. If you are interested in selling your limited edition to a reseller be sure to use a trusted and reputable operation and do your research. There are many to choose from that allow you to request a quote for your bag without obligation to sell to them unless you accept their offer. If one of the resellers offer you a sufficient amount of money then you can proceed to buy a traditional Birkin in a size, color, leather, and hardware of your choosing on the resale market. 

Alternatively, if you would like to begin your journey into the world of Hermès, you could visit your local boutique, connect with one SA, and start shopping and enjoying all the different items Hermès has to offer. In time, you will likely be offered a Birkin which may be more traditional.

However, there is the risk that you may or may not be offered the exact combination of color, leather and hardware you requested. How long the wait may be until you are offered a traditional Birkin is unknown as supply continues to be lower than normal.

The only way to insure you will obtain the exact bag you desire in the shortest amount of time is to shop the resale market. This is a choice only you can make. Either way, you will have a beautiful Birkin bag to use and enjoy.

You definitely have options. Good luck.


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