How Do My Hermès Purchases Apply To My Spend Profile For My Next Quota Bag?


Dear Pursebop:

I was offered a Kelly 25 a few days ago and during the same visit I bought a sweater and cashmere scarf. My SA offered the Kelly *before* I committed to buying the sweater and scarf. Will these RTW items count towards my spend for my next Quota bag? Thank you!

Dear Spend Profile:

Congratulations on being offered a Kelly 25! With respect to your spend profile, it is our understanding that it is a cumulative process. This means that all your purchases go into a running total that appears in your profile. When your SA has a quota bag to offer you, they must obtain manager approval first. The manager looks at your total spend history, determines the amount spent on leather goods versus other items offered in the store. They also look at the frequency of your visits. If you have not visited the store or made any purchases in over 6 months or more, it is possible that a quota bag will not be offered.

In addition, the manager and SA will review your spend history since the time you received your last quota bag as well. Although there is no definite amount you must spend between offers of quota bags, it is a good idea to make purchases you love that fit within your budget.

Hermès hopes to instill loyalty to the brand and a love for all things sold in their boutiques such as ready to wear (rtw), jewelry, home ware, scarves, beauty, etc. They also hope that you visit your home boutique on a regular basis and make purchases. This could be once a month, or more frequently. The purchases do not need to be large dollar amounts either. There is no set amount that is “appropriate” to spend. Everyone’s journey is their own and their relationship with their SA is special.

So our best advice is to buy what you love at Hermès, visit your SA and shop regularly based on your budget, enjoy the process, and know that patience is the key.


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