How much do I need to spend to get a Hermes quota bag offer?

Question: How much do I need to spend in my local Hermes store to be offered a Birkin or Kelly in the USA? Is there a set amount?
Dear How Much Do I Need to Spend,
There is no “set amount” that you must spend to be offered a Birkin or Kelly in the US. Also, it is unlikely that an Hermes SA will tell you a specific amount that you must spend. The key is to develop a good working relationship with your SA, maintain open communication with that SA, be open and honest with the SA, purchase items you truly love and can use, and submit an updated wish list to your SA on a regular basis.
There are discussions that you must spend the equivalent of the price of a quota bag to be offered a quota bag. This has never been confirmed and may very well be higher or lower than that amount. Just continue building a good relationship with your SA, buying what you love in different departments of the boutique, and keep your wishlist up to date. Happy shopping!
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