How Specific Should I Be When Requesting an Hermes Quota Bag?



Does it help to be more or less specific when asking for a quota bag from Hermes?

Dear Quota Bag Specifics:

Depending upon your wishes and desires, it usually best to give your SA choices with respect to colors, hardware, size, and type of quota bag you desire.

If you only want a Birkin 25 in a neutral color, give some examples of the colors you like, and let your SA know you only want that size and style. If you are open to either a Birkin or Kelly then let them know you are flexible. If you prefer gold or palladium hardware definitely let your SA know.

However, if your collection needs a pop of color and you do not want black, gray, or white, let them know that as well. It is helpful to tell them what colors you prefer. Some people only like pastels, others prefer a bright, saturated color. The more specific you are the better chance you will be offered something you love.

On the other hand, if you believe your SA knows your style and what you like, and you enjoy being surprised, then let your SA know that you trust them to offer you a bag you will enjoy.


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