Updated New Hermès Colors 2022

Hermes 2022 Color Update for Fall/Winter 2022

Hermès is going soft for fall/winter 2022… regarding its color palette. Coming to stores near you are three new pastel colors. And we can now share photos of them.

First up is Mauve Pale. Consider it the muted and lighter sister to Mauve Sylvestre. Then, Vert Fizz is a stunning pastel mint green which stands firmly on its own. The third color for fall/winter is a subdued gray called Mushroom. Reminds of us a gray’er Craie, maybe?

Keep a look out for these gorgeous new pastel colors. And maybe even have your wishlists updated if you’ve fallen head over heels.


Hot on the heels of Mauve Sylvestre taking over the Hermès coveted pink list, now we can dream of Mauve Pale. It’s a soft pink with less sparkle than its sister, but sure to complete any rosy ensemble. Though clearly different than Rose Sakura, the color is reminiscent of a color one might see on a cherry blossom tree.

photo courtesy Red app Hermes Kelly mini 20 in Mauve Pale epsom

photo courtesy Red app
Hermes Kelly pochette in Mauve Pale swift


Pistachio ice cream anyone? Or maybe you prefer mint chocolate chip? Either way, Vert Fizz resembles a sweet treat. Soft and subdued, this barely there green should coordinate with nearly any color, as greens typically do.

photo courtesy Red app
Hermes Kelly Danse in Vert Fizz swift

photo courtesy Red app
Hermes Kelly pochette in Vert Fizz swift


Hermès is bringing us mushroom again, but this time it’s not a fungus leather. Rather, this one’s a color; washed out gray bordering on silvery pale green. Interestingly, based on photos, it matches with both gold and palladium hardware.

Would You Buy a Mushroom Birkin

photo courtesy Red app
Hermes mini Kelly in Mushroom epsom and gold hardware

photo courtesy Red app
Hermes mini Kelly in Mushroom epsom and palladium hardware

Original article published February 9th 2022.

Once again Hermès has us guessing about its 2022 colors. We’re not talking about just keeping Rose Sakura in the lineup LOL. Rather, what are the shades not before seen?

Well, it’s pretty clear that Hermès is sticking with tried and true this season. Said differently, what’s old is new again.

Of the seven colors we share, a number are repeats or reissues of identically named earlier hues. Others could be the offspring of existing colors, or a close relative of a color you already own.

You be the judge.


At first glance, Chai feels like a cup of rich Indian masala tea. It resembles its sisters Quebracho and Biscuit which makes us hungry for Biscoff cookies while sipping our tea. The color is softer than gold with a creamy undertone. In our opinion, there is always room for another neutral in the Hermès family.

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Chai in epsom @luxurymaisonhk

Chai in Clemence @_love_love_loves


Gris Meyer is possibly the gray lover’s dream come true. Upon reflection, we have not seen a gray this pure since Gris Mouette. It does not appear to have any brown, green, or blue undertones. A true baby elephant gray. Could this be the new “it” color of 2022?

Gris Meyer @mirage_style

Gris Meyer @luxurymaisonhk


Cassis is stunning, particularly in exotic skins. It evokes thoughts of French bordeaux vineyards and après ski resort fires. It is the perfect blend of our favorite Anemone and its cousin Raisin. A beautiful winter neutral to add to any collection.

Cassis in togo leather @hermes

Cassis in exotic crocodile @stellaw2021

Anemone in epsom @pursebop

Raisin chèvre @hermes_ginza_xiaoma


Vert Absinthe is a slightly lighter version of last year’s Jaune Bourgeon, of which we saw very little. Think summer cocktails reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Still Life image of a Glass of Absinthe and a Carafe. Although once illegal, absinthe has experienced a revival and was featured in the movie Moulin Rouge. Please drink responsibly or better yet, enjoy your Hermès slice of heaven instead.

Vert Absinthe @hermes__novelties

Jaune Bourgeon chèvre leather @hortensialuxury

Jaune Bourgeon chèvre leather @femme.authentics

Still Life with a Glass of Absinthe and a Carafe, Van Gogh


Hermès do we really need yet another blue? We just started seeing beautiful Bleu France bags, which we suspect were released in 2021. Not to mention it brings back roaring memories of Bleu Electric. Yes Royale is a tad deeper, might even be more royal, but we still could easily confuse them. 

Blue Royal @cc_charmaine.ig

For comparison Blue Electric @as_styled

For comparison Blue France @asianfashionista


To add to the blue line-up is the reemergence of Bleu Hydra. A fan favorite, it is by far the most saturated of the blues. A showstopper color that jumps out of the crayola box. 

It pairs well with almost any color to create a timeless special order bag.

Blue Hydra @bagssionate

Blue Hydra @designerarchives


Aqua just might be our favorite. Actually, we nearly did cartwheels upon news of it resurfacing. Although the shade does ring Blue Atoll bells, our preliminary information is that it is only coming in chèvre. In other words, keep a lookout for this shade in mini Kelly 20s, and possibly Bolides and SLGs. However, as much as we may wish for a Kelly 25 or 28, it may not be in the cards. 

Aqua chèvre @luxurymaisonhk

Aqua Mini Kelly 20 in chèvre @starstarzzz

Published: July 18th, 2022
Updated: February 7th, 2023

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