I Was Offered and Purchased A Birkin 30 But Really Want A Kelly What Do I Do?


Hi Pursebop,

I’ve been lusting over Birkins and Kelly’s for years. My husband and I frequent the local Hermes store for sandals and ties maybe once or twice a year. We make purchases but don’t spend a ton of money there, maybe a couple thousand so far. A few months ago my husband came home with a big orange bag, inside was a Birkin 30 in Gris Perle with gold hardware. It has been sitting in the box ever since. It’s a beautiful bag but I can’t help but think a Kelly with a strap is better for my lifestyle. If I could have both I would but I think it was sheer luck my husband was offered this bag. Do I resell and buy the bag I truly want second hand or wait and keep making small purchases in hopes of another offer one day?

Dear Kelly Hopeful,

You present a very interesting dilemma. However, the one thing we advocate and believe strongly is to only buy and/or keep what you truly love and “makes your heart sing.” Clearly, the Birkin 30 in Gris Perle does not do that for you. You have options.

We recommend continuing the journey you started with Hermès and the SA who offered the B30. There must have been a connection for the offer to be made. Continue making purchases of items you love and will use or give as gifts. Then ask the SA if you could provide them with a wishlist. In the wishlist list the Kelly size, colors, leathers, and hardware you would prefer. The SA will then know what to offer next time. We believe a Kelly will be offered in the future.

In addition, keeping the Birkin 30 brand new in the box is wise if you wish to sell it to a friend or to a trusted reseller. The bag has value and could provide you the opportunity to purchase a Kelly either in the Hermès boutique or on the resale market if you so choose.

Be sure to do your homework and deal only with a trusted reseller who has a lot of experience and good reviews if you choose this route. Then proceed with caution. Or to be safe, stick with the original SA and keep the relationship going by visiting the store on a regular basis and making purchases you love.

Good luck and happy shopping.


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