If I Buy Hermès Items Online Because I Cannot Get Them In Store, How Can My SA Benefit And How Can I Get It Added To My Pre-Spend Profile?

Dear Pursebop,
I found the highly coveted Bearn Wallet, Kelly Pocket Wallet and Chypre sandals on the Hermès US website and bought it. If I take it into the store and return it and buy it back again from my SA, will it count towards my spend profile with my SA? I’m working towards my first quota offer but tired of waiting for my wish list items to be offered to me while they are available on the website. Please help!
BTW i was told a few times by different SAs: “better buy/get it online, it’s easier, we don’t know when it’s in stock in store“ – is it a sign of ghosting me? what do you think?
Dear Online Shopper:
Many times hermes.com online has items that our local boutique do not have. In this situation, you have two choices.
The first choice (which is the preferred way to go) is to go into your boutique and ask your SA to order the item for you online. You must be present for them to do this for you. The item will be shipped to your home and your SA will get the commission and the amount will be added to your spend profile.
The second choice is to ask your SA if you purchase the item online and then return it in store if you may then repurchase it so they will get the commission and it will be attached to your spend profile. However, generally when you return an item to the store that was purchased online, a credit is issued in store, not a refund. Because it is a credit you should ask your SA if that would allow the amount to be credited to your spend profile once you use it by purchasing something.
That is why the preferred method is to have your SA order the item for you online when you are present in store to purchase the item with your credit card.
With respect to the SA’s telling you to buy the item online if you see it, that is accurate. They do not know when those items will arrive at their store or become available for their clients to buy. They are not ghosting you, they are being honest and telling you if there is something you really want but cannot find in store, buy it online to avoid missing out on the item. However, if possible, as stated above, if you are able to go into the store and have your SA order the item for you it benefits both you and them.
Good luck and Happy Shopping
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