Is It Easier To Score Your First Quota Bag or Your Second Quota Bag?


Dear PurseBop:

Is it easier to score your first quota bag or your second quota bag? I received my first quota bag at the mothership in Paris, FSH. Now I am hoping to score my second quota bag at my home store. Is it more or less challenging to score your second quota bag from your home store after receiving the first one in Paris?

Dear Quota Bag Seeker:

The difficulty of obtaining a second Hermes Kelly or Birkin bag can vary depending on multiple factors, and the debate between whether it’s harder to secure the first bag or subsequent bags is a common topic among luxury enthusiasts. Here are considerations for both scenarios:

Scoring Your First Hermes Kelly or Birkin Bag:

  • Building the Relationship: Acquiring your first bag usually involves building a relationship with your Sales Associate (SA) and the boutique. SAs might prioritize customers who show genuine interest in the brand and its products.
    Proving Authenticity: Boutiques might want to ensure that you’re a genuine customer who appreciates the craftsmanship of the brand. Your initial purchases and regular visits can serve as a way to establish your authenticity and commitment.
    Brand Familiarity: Your first bag can be seen as a gateway to introducing you to the brand’s world. The boutique might want to ensure that new customers understand and value the brand’s heritage and quality. Showing your interest in the brand and learning abut all the luxury items offered by Hermès can pay off.
    Availability and Demand: The specific model, color, and size you’re interested in can affect the difficulty of getting your first bag. Some models might have higher demand than others and this will affect the timing of receiving the bag on your wishlist.

Securing a Second Hermes Kelly or Birkin Bag:

  • Loyalty and Relationship: If you’ve already acquired your first bag, it demonstrates your loyalty to the brand. Boutiques might appreciate your commitment and be more inclined to consider you for another bag based on your continued visits to the store and your purchases.
    Purchase History: Your history of purchases with the brand, even beyond your first bag, can enhance your chances of receiving a second bag. Consistent engagement with the brand showcases your long-term interest.
    SA’s Knowledge: If you have an established relationship with your SA, they might be better equipped to assist you in your pursuit of a second bag. They understand your preferences and history and are familiar with your taste and style.
    Availability and Demand: Just like with your first bag, the availability of the specific bag model you’re interested in and its demand can influence the difficulty of securing a second bag.

In your case, receiving your first offer from FSH in France doesn’t necessarily mean that securing a second offer from your local home store will be more or less challenging. The fact that you’ve already received one offer is a positive reflection of your engagement with the brand, regardless of the boutique’s location. Boutiques often prioritize customer loyalty and appreciation for the brand’s values, so your overall history can positively impact your chances.

Remember that the luxury market is complex, and there isn’t a universal answer. Each individual’s experience can vary based on their relationships, purchase history, boutique policies, and demand for specific bags. Continue communicating your preferences and interests with your SA in your home store, as they can provide valuable insights into the process.

Good luck and happy shopping.

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