Is It Possible to Get Additional Hermès Quota Bags Per Year Under My Husband's Account?


Dear PurseBop:

If I get my 2 quota bags per year with my SA, is it possible for me to get more by shopping under my husband’s account? Or other relatives for that matter..

Should I make their account with my SA and state the purpose is for QB loopholes, or maybe try another store?

Does my husband need to be at every visit, or just the bag purchase? Does he need to be in the store to create his account or can that be done by me?

Does pre-spend reset with this new account or does my own purchase history count towards a bag under his account?


Dear Ms. Loophole:

You ask several very good questions and we will answer each one individually.

Many Hermes clients have been successful having their spouse or other relative open an account with their SA in the same location. It is possible to do this in another location as well if that is preferable, but they will need to connect with a SA and build a relationship with them.

The person whose account it is must be present to open the account, make all purchases, and pay for the purchases with a credit card in their name. This account is completely separate from your account and has its own spend profile. Your purchase history does not benefit your relative’s account and they must be present for all purchases to be placed under that account. 

If you open the second account at your home store, the benefit is that you already have a relationship with your SA. To the extent your budget allows you to fund two separate accounts you could be offered a quota bag under that second account as well. 

It is always preferable to be honest with your SA. They understand the purpose of the second account and will work with you to the extent they are able and the pre spend is sufficient. Be honest and genuine and buy the items you love and will use.

Good luck and happy shopping


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