Is A Kelly 25 Retourne or Sellier More Difficult to Be Offered from the Hermès Boutique?


Question: Kelly 28 Retourne or Sellier– which is more difficult to score from the boutique?

Dear Sellier or Retourne:

As you probably know, all Kelly bags are difficult to “score” from your home boutique. Whether one is harder than the other is unknown. In general, there tend to be less Kelly Sellier available.

Each boutique operates in their own way based on their client’s wishes and desires. It is true that a Sellier Kelly is more difficult to produce, takes more hours to complete by the individual artisan, and the demand is definitely greater than the supply. But it also depends on what stock your home store has at the moment.

The best option is to maintain a good relationship with your SA. Then update your wishlist regularly, and be specific but flexible with your choices. Most of all be patient. It takes time to obtain a Kelly with your exact specifications.

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