Official Style Comparison: Kelly Sellier vs. Kelly Retourne

Part I: Official Size Comparison: Birkin 25 vs. Birkin 30
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This is Part III of a four-part series on Birkin and Kelly sizes and styles

By @e14bz

Let’s recap: As a newbie navigating my way through unknown, uncharted, winding roads of the elusive and complex world of Hermès, I have made many bag size mistakes. After considerable hits and misses, I am finally at a point where I feel like I know what works for me in terms of bag styles and sizes. And I thought I would share my experience with people who are starting their H journey. I am in no way an expert, but here are some snippets from my humble experience that I hope you find useful.

Today, we’re going to compare the Kelly 25 Sellier vs. Kelly 25 Retourne, both 25 cm x 19 cm x 9 cm.


Kelly 25 Sellier. @el4bz

Kelly retourne

Kelly 25 Retourne. @el4bz

Pros of the Kelly 25 Sellier

  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes with its structured design
  • Holds its shape
  • Ideal for formal occasions
  • Lends a dressy look to your outfits

Cons of the Kelly 25 Sellier

  • The opening and closing of a Kelly sellier is much more difficult than that of a retourne
  • It fits less than a K25 retourne
  • More prone to corner wear because of the sharp edges of the bag
  • Leather options are limited in a sellier. (Epsom is the most common leather used. Chèvre continues to be only available as a Special Order option. Currently, Box leather is more of a push order and many stores do not allow for sellier in Togo as a Special Order)
  • Boxy look can put off some people
Kelly sellier retourne


Kelly sellier retourne


Pros of the Kelly 25 Retourne

  • Fits more than a K25 sellier
  • Ideal for a more relaxed look, especially with the sides of the bag winged out
  • Easier to open and close a retourne
  • Less prone to corner wear than a sellier because of the softer corners
  • A retourne is available in more leathers as compared to a sellier
  • Easier to travel with

Cons of the Kelly 25 Retourne

  • The slouchy look of a Kelly retourne may not be an ideal look for everyone
  • It may not hold its shape well over a period of time
Kelly sellier retourne



@elbz’s Final Choice

Undecided ????Honestly this battle stumped me too! Both are such amazing bags that it’s hard to choose. My final verdict? A girl needs BOTH!!! I know I do.

Are you a Sellier or Retourne kind of gal? Stay tuned for Part 4 of @e14bz‘s Hermès comparison series!

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Published: June 6th, 2019
Updated: November 10th, 2019

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