Is a Quota Bag "Worth the Buy"?



Is a Birkin 30 Black Silver Hardware Sellier Box Leather worth the buy?

Dear Birkin Worth the Buy:
Any Birkin or Kelly you desire is “worth the buy”
(a) if you can afford the cost,
(b) you truly love your purchase, and
(c)you intend to use it and enjoy it.
If you are buying a Birkin for its “investment value” I would suggest our article on this subject linked below before doing so. Although Birkins and Kellys often retain their value, and substantially increase in price on the resale market sometimes by 2 or 3 times its value, the amount you may recoup if you were to sell your beloved bag depends on numerous factors. Some of those factors are the condition of the bag (brand new in box or preloved), the color, the leather, the hardware, the size, and the demand for that combination at the time of sale.
There are so many factors that go into valuing a Birkin or Kelly at the time of sale that it is difficult to predict. Our best advice is to  buy what you love and enjoy using your bag. You will not be sorry.
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