What Are The Best Insurance Options For Handbags, Jewelry, and Other Valuables?


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What are the best insurance options for bags, jewelry and other valuables?

Dear Insurer of Luxury Valuables:

Insuring your luxury valuables is important but can be costly. Your luxury bags, jewelry, art, and other valuables most likely should be insured separately in the form of a stand alone policy or a floater added on to one of your existing policies. There are two options for additional coverage for your luxury items: an add-on floater to your existing homeowners policy or a completely separate policy.

Be sure to have your luxury items appraised and accurately valued. This can be difficult with handbags which are not easily replaced. Purchase coverage sufficient to cover loss by theft, fire, natural disaster, or other cause. It is best to work with an outside appraiser or one from the insurance company to value your luxury items.  

You may also inquire with your home or auto insurance company if they provide coverage for luxury goods separately from the insurance they provide. One insurance company we are aware of that provides coverage for luxury goods is Chubb Insurance Company. Contact them directly for more information. 

We have explored in detail protecting your luxury goods in our Guide linked below.


Guide on How To Protect and Insure Your Handbags


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