What Can I Gift My Hermès SA for the Holidays or to Show My Appreciation?



I have often heard of clients giving their SA sweets/chocolates to express their gratitude. How is this done so it doesn’t seem inappropriate, and what can you really gift the SA?

Dear Expressing Gratitude:

At Hermès it is usually appropriate to gift your SA anything that can be “consumed” and shared by all the employees in the boutique. This means anything edible. Usually this is done during the holidays when clients will gift their SA’s chocolates, cheese plates, desserts, wine or champagne, etc.

Although a gift is not expected, sometimes it can be refused because the director may have a no gift rule.

Again, like many things, it is boutique specific. It is best to ask your SA what is appropriate to bring as a gift or token of your appreciation.

Keeping an open dialogue with your SA and asking questions is an excellent way to know what is allowed in your location. You may ask your SA questions about what bags are considered quota bags, how to submit your wishlist and how often to update it, the best way to contact them either by text or email, how to communicate that you are interested in a certain product you may see elsewhere, or any other question that will make your shopping experience more enjoyable.


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