What Is Considered a Quota Bag at Hermès?


Dear PurseBop!! Are there more quota bags in Hermès apart from Birkin And Kelly???? I have always felt that it is not so difficult to get a bag in Madrid, but I recently asked for a Kelly, so I will tell you! Thanks a lot!

A quota bag has always been a classic Birkin (size 25, 30, 35) and a classic Kelly (size 20, 25, 28, 32, 35) in all Hermès boutiques around the world. However, many locations in the U.S., Europe and other places, may treat the following bags (discussed below) as quota bags at the time of purchase for the purpose of limiting clients to 1 or 2 “quota” bags per year.

“Treating a bag as a quota bag” when it traditionally was not a quota bag means that accepting a Constance or one of the other non classic “Kelly” bags (discussed below) may limit the number of quota bags you receive that year, or may delay or extend the time when a quota bag is offered, if at all. For these reasons, it is always best to ask your Hermès SA at your home location what bags, other than the classic Birkin and classic Kelly, are treated as quota bags.

  • A Constance is not technically a quota bag but in certain locations a Constance (in leather or exotic) has been treated as a quota bag at times.
  • Recently, with the popularity of the Kelly Pochette, the Kelly To Go, and the Kelly Danse some locations are saying that any bag with the name “Kelly”  is considered a quota bag.
  • We have some reports that the Kelly Pochette, in leather and exotic, although technically not a quota bag, may be treated as a quota bag in Paris for non VIP clients. 
  • Some locations in the U.S. are also treating the Kelly Pochette as a quota bag due to its overwhelming popularity and extreme unavailability.  An exotic Kelly Pochette may also be treated as a quota bag at many locations including Paris.
  • Whether the Kelly Cut is considered a quota bag varies by location and type of leather or exotic skin. We believe in some locations it may be considered a quota bag in an exotic at the present time. In addition, a Shadow Birkin Cut may also be considered a quota bag in some locations in the U.S. and abroad.
  • A Kelly to Go in exotic skin may be considered a quota bag in some locations as well. And a Kelly Danse, due to its popularity and relative unavailability, has been considered a quota bag in some locations. Again, it is best to ask your SA what is considered a quota bag in your Hermès boutique at the time of shopping.
  • The “rules” at Hermes are very fluid. Each boutique is free to impose and decide what bags are treated as quota bags at any given time. And rules may be broken for some VIP clients. Different countries follow different rules as well. And the parameters change from time to time. Therefore, maintaining a good relationship with your SA and asking them these questions at the time of shopping is the best option.

Since the Pandemic, and the increased popularity of all Hermès bags, including quota bags, certain boutiques have treated previously non quota bags as quota bags. It is up to the store director to make that determination.

These rules may differ from country to country and from boutique to boutique within a country or even city. It is best to ask your local boutique which bags are treated as quota bags before purchasing.

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