Updated Guide to the Hermès Leather Appointment System in Paris 2024

It’s important to emphasize that the pursuit of a Hermès bag remains a highly individualized and unpredictable endeavor, where factors such as timing, relationships with boutique staff, and sheer luck play substantial roles. What worked for one may not necessarily work for everyone, as each client’s journey at Hermès is a unique and often unpredictable experience.

In this way, the advice offered here is based on personal experiences. It should not be taken as rules and/or regulations or the advice of PurseBop. 

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So you’d like to buy a Hermès bag in Paris. Well, stand in line; so would we and countless others. Not to tamp down your dreams, but it is quite difficult. However, it’s not impossible. The first step is getting that coveted leather appointment. And no, you don’t just sign up for a time slot on line or ask your home SA to book it (though you could try).

In this guide, we explore steps you can take that hopefully will get you closer to an appointment and an offer for a handbag.

How To Get a Leather Appointment in Paris

There are multiple ways to get a leather appointment in one of the three Paris Hermès boutiques, Hermès Faubourg Saint Honoré (FSH), Hermès George V and Hermès Sevres. Currently, though, the most common way available to everyone is the online lottery system.

Historically, however, Hermès had allowed customers to line up outside before the store opened in the morning for leather appointments. Back then, there were reports of people waiting several hours both before and after the store opened with the hope of securing an appointment.

In 2019, Hermès enacted an online lottery-style leather appointment, likely in part to eliminate lines outside the boutiques. Hermès reportedly receives 10,000 or more online requests for possibly 30-60 appointment slots in its three Paris boutiques. Securing a leather appointment this way is primarily a matter of chance – a lottery. Prior purchase history, connections with SAs, or your status, do not increase your chances of receiving a lottery appointment.

In the last six months, the online lottery system in Paris has undergone a few changes. Previously, you could apply for a leather appointment in your home city before you left for Paris. Now, you will likely receive an error or blocked message when you apply from outside of France. 

Step-by-Step Instructions on How To Apply For an Online Appointment in Paris

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Now, to apply online for a leather appointment:

  • You must be in France AND connected to a local WIFI network to apply online for a leather appointment (although we have reports that you may be able to apply from other countries within Europe, we are unable to confirm this);
  • Use your smartphone and go to the website: rendezvousparis.hermes.com between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. local Paris time the day before the desired day of the appointment;
  • Paris boutiques are closed on Sunday so you must apply on Saturday for an appointment on Monday.
  • If the boutique is closed for a holiday you will not be able to access the online system the day before as well, try two days before the holiday;
  • After going to the website during the opening hours of the boutique, a form will pop up. Fill out the form with your Favorite store preference, Last name, First name, Phone number, email address, and passport/identity card number;
  • Selecting No Preference for store location may increase your chances of getting an appointment. Although FSH has the largest stock, choosing this option does not increase your chance of getting an appointment as there are a limited number of appointment slots each day based on SA availability, stock, and time of year. 

  • If the form goes through, you will receive a Welcome to Hermès notice acknowledging your request for an appointment on the date stated. The notice will advise you to check your email to validate your appointment request after verification by their security system. This is a very important step that must be completed. It does not mean you received an appointment. It is still a part of the online appointment request procedure.
  • Check your email for a notice entitled: Please confirm your appointment request
  • Be sure to click the blue link in the email to confirm your appointment. If you do not do this step or the email does not arrive in your inbox then your appointment request did not go through.
  • After clicking the link in the email you will receive another notice stating in a green box: Your request for a Leather Goods appointment has been registered, thank you. 
  • Only after receiving this final notice have you completed the online appointment request procedure.
  • Tip: If you continue to get a Blocked message after applying while in Paris and connected to a WIFI, go into one of the 3 Paris boutiques and connect to their WIFI. Apply again while being connected to Hermès’ WIFI and you may be successful.
  • Alternatively, speak with one of the Leather Appointment SAs about the blocked messages and they may assist you.

  • If you are successful and receive an online appointment for the following day, you will be notified by email that evening after 7:00 p.m. stating the time of your appointment;
  • Hermès no longer sends emails stating you did not get an appointment;
  • Be sure to refresh your email frequently on the day of your leather appointment as the appointment time may change to an earlier or later time throughout the day.

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  • If you are traveling with family or friends (18 years or older), each person may apply separately on a different phone. However, if they receive the appointment they must be present the following day during the appointment.
  • Your purchase history at the three Paris boutiques does not impact whether you get a lottery appointment. It may, however, improve your chances of getting a walk-in appointment at one of the locations, but that is not a guarantee.

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Ask Your Sales Associate in Your Home Store To Make You a Leather Appointment in Paris

Sometimes, in some locations outside of Paris, a Hermès Sales Manager may be able to secure a Paris leather appointment for a client in one of the Paris boutiques. But, this is likely only for the ultra-elite VVIP client. On the other hand, there’s little harm in politely asking your home store SA if this could be facilitated. Be sure to speak with your SA or the manager at least 2 months before your scheduled trip so there is sufficient time to make arrangements.

Madison Ave Hermès
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Ask the Hotel Concierge to Make a Leather Appointment in One of the Paris Boutiques

Once upon a time, it was not uncommon for the concierge of an ultra-exclusive 5-star hotel to book a Hermès leather appointment for guests. The Hotel Concierge often has a contact in the Hermès boutique located closest to the hotel. This practice is not as common presently because too many people have made this request. Some hotels have discontinued or vastly limited this service. Even if the hotel finds a way to facilitate an appointment, it is ultimately up to the discretion of the Hermès boutique. We believe the store may look at factors such as pre-spend and the hotel may be looking at the client’s level of spend as well.  Again, the more advance notice given the better.

Ask the Leather Desk for a Cancellation or Walk-in Appointment at One of the Hermes Paris Locations

Visit any or all of the three Paris boutiques and politely ask if there have been any cancellations for leather appointments. Often the Sales Associate working the Appointment Check-in podium will respond politely but bluntly there are no cancellations today or suggest you return later in the day. The SA may also hand you the Hermès card containing the QR code and instructions to connect to their online appointment system.

Due to the increase in walk-in requests, this practice is becoming more challenging. However, we have reports of success using the walk-in method.

Leather Desk at FSH

Also, it appears that SAs in Paris are not offering quota bags to walk-in leather appointment clients. You may be able to get the non-quota bag you desire, if available. As for the best time to walk in and ask, afternoon hours seem to be better, and if the morning fits your schedule, try to avoid the store opening. Remember to be polite, keep your expectations low, and dress in a manner that makes you feel confident.

Build a Relationship with one Sales Associate in Paris

Finally, try to shop with one SA around the store. When all your purchases have been chosen, ask the SA if they could assist in getting you a leather appointment. This practice is a bit more challenging as the Paris boutiques operate differently than in the United States. The Paris SAs are usually assigned one department or area of the boutique to assist clients and are not always authorized to offer leather bags to clients. Some SAs have the authority to only offer non-quota bags and others may try to obtain permission from their manager to offer a leather bag to their client. Other SAs may take you to the leather desk and ask the host to assist you as well. This may or may not increase your chances of getting a walk-in appointment.

Final Thoughts

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It also has some of the best shopping opportunities as well at Hermès and other luxury boutiques. When planning a trip to Paris it is best to keep your hopes high and your expectations low with respect to being offered a Birkin or Kelly or a non-quota bag.

Although we see many success stories on social media, remember there are many many more that are unsuccessful that are not spoken about on social media.The Hermès boutiques in Paris tend to have more inventory and a wider selection of bags and other items.

Enjoy the journey of shopping the entire boutique. A new pair of Orans, a piece of jewelry, or a belt in a color unavailable in your home store is a success story. Enjoy your trip to Paris and share your journey with us.

Love, PurseBop


Published: May 1st, 2024
Updated: May 1st, 2024

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