When Do I Pay for My Hermès Special Order? When I Place the Order or When It Is Completed?


Dear PurseBop:

If you place a Hermès SO in 2022 for 2023 arrival, would you pay the 2023 increased price or the price at the time the order was placed? 

Dear Special Order Purchaser:

Special Orders are a very special opportunity to create a one of a kind handbag based on the colors and leathers made available during that season specifically for special orders. Once your preferences are documented on the Hermès form, it is submitted to Paris. It generally takes between 6 months to 18 months to receive your special order from Paris. However, it may take longer based on the color, leather, and style chosen. For instance, Sellier style in chévre leather tends to take longer than a Retourne bag in Togo leather. 

No payment is due when the Special Order is placed. Payment is made when the bag arrives. You must approve and accept the bag and payment is expected at that time.

There is no obligation to accept the Special Order you created. Sometimes changes were made by Paris that may not be what you created or hoped for. Or life circumstances change that may make it difficult to purchase the bag at that time. You may refuse the bag and the boutique is then able to offer the bag for sale to one of their customers.

There are often price increases that occur between the time you placed the Special Order and the time it arrives from Paris to your home boutique. For this reason, you will pay the price of the bag at the time the bag arrives and you purchase it. There is no additional charge because it is a Special Order. It will be the same price as a similar bag that is not a Special Order at the time of purchase.

Happy Shopping and enjoy your Special Order.


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Just for insight, my 2023 SO only took 3 mo to come in (kelly 25 epsom sellier) so be prepared financially no matter what :) My SA said it was the quickest he’s ever seen.

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