Will My Purchase History With Hermès Be Affected If I Decide to Start Shopping With My Local Boutique Instead of My Former Boutique?


Dear PurseBop:

Will my buying history be affected if I decide to work with another boutique near my home? I live in California, but used to frequently go to NY pre-pandemic. I established 4 years of buying history and just came to know that my SA recently left Hermes. This is my second SA from the same boutique that left and I can either find another SA there or I can go to my nearest boutique and start there. The advantage of starting new is the distance and the ability to hop in anytime I want; however, I worry that my history I have with the NY boutique will be impacted and, therefore, affect my chances of obtaining a Birkin or Kelly in the new store (note: I was able to obtain a Birkin a few years back from the NY store).

Dear Changing Hermès Boutiques:

Unfortunately, losing a SA and/or moving to another location are things that occur all the time and by many people. The general rule with Hermès is to shop in one boutique with one SA to build a relationship and a purchase history.

It sounds like you have an established relationship of 4 years with the NY boutique although your second SA has now left the NY boutique. And you live in California. Unfortunately, it is usually a gray area where you stand in your established boutique when your SA leaves. Although your purchase history and profile remains intact, you have now lost your number one advocate, your SA. As a result, you have a few options.

Your first option, if you believe or have been told that you are likely to be offered a quota bag in the NY location in the near future, you might consider staying with that store, finding a new SA to work with and continuing until you receive your next quota bag. After receiving your next bag you may then decide to restart your journey with your local boutique in California. Remember all U.S. Hermès stores can see your entire purchase history, including what store you have shopped with, and how much you have spent. This could work to your advantage. However, most SA’s would not be in favor of a client who is working two boutiques at the same time unless there is an unlimited budget and the spend could support both locations. 

Your second option is to meet an SA you connect with in your local boutique in California and explain that your SA in NY left and you would like to switch locations and shop with this SA exclusively. Discuss your prior purchase history and wishlist for a quota bag. Ask your new SA how your profile will be viewed with respect to switching locations and getting offered a quota bag. Gather all the information and that will help you decide how to proceed at this time.

Understandably, it is nice to shop in a boutique near your home where you can pop in when you have time or would like to shop. You could do this in California but you would be starting with a new SA.. It is likely that  your SA would be permitted to include your history with Hermès in NY and take that into consideration when offering your next quota bag.  But it will be important to build the relationship with the new SA and maintain good communication so they have an incentive to offer you a quota bag in the future.

This is a tough decision but hopefully these options provide some  some insight into which direction to head. Good luck and happy shopping.


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