Denim Bags – Luxury’s Latest Gem or Fashion Faux Pas?

Long gone are the days when the DIY jean purse and super star couples in sync (or nsync!) with their denim attire were considered fashionable—or are they?

There’s a new trend being lauded by high fashion brands and it may surprise you. Denim bags are popping up in many new luxury collections and here at PurseBop we want to know if this unconventional bag material is luxury’s newest crown jewel or simply a fashion faux pas. (Granted, the fashion world once turned its collective nose up at double denim before it became the attire of supermodels around the globe.)

These quirky pieces will set you back thousands of dollars—is the high price tag worth it considering that leather alternatives will make the same dent in your bank account? PurseBop wants to find out.

Power couple Justin and Britney made fashion history at the 2001 AMAs rocking matching denim outfits while Britney carried a bejewelled denim purse. Photo courtesy of WireImage.

The Bags

Louis Vuitton

Staying true to tradition, Louis Vuitton has launched some of its classics in variations of denim in addition to newer styles. Think they mirror the price points of the canvas designs? Think again. These idiosyncratic looks will set you back about as much as their leather counterparts.

New Wave Chain Bag MM – $2,680

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Launched in spring-summer of this year this bag comes in quilted denim with vibrant embroidery and is evocative of early the 2000s when Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian were best friends and Justin and Britney were the public’s pop prince and princess.

Capucines PM – $4,950

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, LV really launched a denim Capucines bag. Does denim, a fabric synonymous with casual style, really suit a bag dubbed the embodiment of elegance and sophistication? We’re not so sure. Does it constitute a price tag of nearly $5,000 (the same as its leather option)? We don’t think so.

Soft Trunk – $3,550

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Here at PurseBop we have a soft spot for LV trunks, and this denim variation is no exception. The bag’s soft navy blue hue with the monogram pattern, combined with a chain strap, makes for an elegant (albeit unique) day bag.

Neverfull MM – $2,260 & Alma BB – $1,770

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

The brand has launched its coveted Epi Leather in a denim variety as further confirmation that the denim bag trend is no mere blip. Blue and white accents combine to create the illusion of denim texture, for the price of leather, of course.


Similar to Vuitton, this french house has released a number of its classics in denim varieties.

Saddle Denim Canvas Bag

Photo courtesy of Dior.

The popularity of this iconic early 2000s ‘It’ bag makes it no surprise that variations have popped up on the Dior catwalk for the past few seasons (read: Dior Gets Back on the Saddle Bag and more from Fall 2018). The denim look undoubtedly suits the 2000s era design.

Book Tote

Photo courtesy of Dior.

The size and sleek style of the Dior Book Tote has made it a favorite among customers. This casual denim finish suits the laid back look that the tote exudes.


Even Chanel wants in on this trend and the brand has been particularly experimental when it comes to variations of the classic denim look.

Flap Bag – $3,500

Photo courtesy of Chanel.

Chanel’s famous flap bag has been given the denim makeover. The navy blue shade and fresh texture make for a relaxed take on the classic.

Chanel 31 Large Shopping Bag – $3,400

Photo courtesy of Chanel.

Who says denim has to be blue – not Chanel! The bag’s violet hue with darkened edges creates an interesting luxurious yet nonchalant look perfect for a shopping bag.

Saint Laurent

This maison wanted a piece of the denim pie as well. Long story short? The French have gone full-on denim.

Lou Mini Bag – $1,150

Photo courtesy of Saint Laurent.

Denim blends nicely into this popular crossbody design, making it the perfect easy-access casual mini.

Decisions, Decisions

These denim designs may be quirky, but are they really worth splurging thousands of dollars on? The real question is: Are they made for luxurious costume parties or could a denim design be your next go-to bag? Let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • Create a super casual look and can stylishly dress down any outfit
  • Often come in a chic shade of navy which is very versatile
  • Fun and quirky


  • Priced similar to leather designs as opposed to canvas – is it worth it?
  • Could be a passing trend that you later regret spending thousands of dollars on
  • Hard to dress a denim design up


There are certainly strong arguments on both sides. Denim bags have all the signs of a quirky trend that could very well end up a fun yet distant memory not so long from now. Their high price point will likely put many customers off in favor of their leather counterparts. Perhaps opting for a leather bag that’s designed to give the effect of denim, such as Louis Vuitton’s Epi Leather denim, is the best option for those who love the quirky look but don’t want to be down thousands of dollars on a textile bag.


What are your thoughts on the denim bag trend? Is denim the latest must-have luxury material or does it bring back too many visions of jean jackets and 2000s nostalgia? Let us know.

Love, PurseBop