Diamonds and Birkins are a Girl’s Best Friend at Greenwich Luxury Auctions

Photo courtesy of Greenwich Luxury Auctions

Everyone knows we’re Birkin people. (And Kelly people, and Constance people, and Chanel people…the list goes on and on.) The gist? We’re head-over-heels for bags. But that doesn’t mean we’re blinkered when it comes to luxury goods. What bag lover could resist teardrop emerald earrings, a 50-karat diamond necklace, a vintage Cartier watch? So when we saw Greenwich Luxury Auctions’ “Diamonds and Birkins Are a Girl’s Best Friend” Sale, we knew we couldn’t just focus on the handbags. Sure, the bags are magnificent—but so are the jewels and watches. We just knew we had to share them with our readers, too.

Following the success of our first partnership, we’re over the moon to announce that we’re collaborating with Greenwich Luxury Auctions once again for their latest sale—which has quite a few treasures, to say the least. (The online sale takes place July 8, 12PM Eastern Time. Register to bid here!) For the first time in PurseBop history, we’ve paired each of our favorite bags from the Sale with a piece of jewelry and a watch. Each trifecta, in our minds, forms the basis of a gorgeous ensemble. We can’t wait to see what you think.

Photo courtesy of Greenwich Luxury Auctions

So, So Black, with a Twist

Is there any bag more stately than a So Black Kelly? With the classic Box Calf leather, the muted hardware, the 32 cm size? At the very least, one would be hard-pressed to find one!

There’s something so divinely elegant about pairing the gorgeous, monotone So Black Kelly with simple but stunning jewels—especially these yellow and white diamond earrings which, admittedly, are our favorite from the auction. And how fitting is the Rolex with the black dial as a final addition?

Eternally Emerald

Emerald is one of Hermès’ most striking colors—it almost looks as though it were crafted from the gem itself, its rich, eye-catching green easily turning heads in any room.

We love the elegance of this exotic B paired with a slim Chopard watch and dazzling emerald earrings. If there was ever an excuse to pair your bag perfectly with your jewelry, it’s right here.

Picnic Essentials (sans Champagne)

Who doesn’t adore a Picnic Kelly? It’s not hard to imagine this sweet red leather and wicker K lying atop a picnic blanket in a meadow in the French countryside. With a stunning ruby ring and classic Ronde Solo de Cartier, this ensemble is everything you’ll need to be picnic-ready; just don’t forget to pop the Champagne!

Opulent Neutrals 

There’s something deceptively opulent about this Birkin. At first glance, it’s just another (lovely) exotic B. But 1) it’s lizard, a rarity in the world of Hermès. And 2) an ombré bag is nothing to dismiss—the technique was perfected to give the bag just the right gradient.

We love the simplicity of this rare B worn with a striking diamond necklace and unadorned Rolex (featuring a pink-hued face). Altogether, it’s, dare we say, the perfect neutral look.

Stunning Golds & Sapphires

Hermès boldest blues have essentially the same effect as the maison’s greens: they’ll catch your eye at once and you won’t be able to look away. What’s not to love about this (adorable) mini K’s electric blue hue, put into sharp relief by the bag’s gold hardware?

Channel your inner Kate Middleton and pair it with a sapphire and diamond ring fit for royals, or lean into the gold hues and wear it alongside this stunning golden Patek Philippe—your choice (or, even better, reach for all three).

Name a More Classic Look…We Dare You to Try

So Grace Kelly was never actually spotted with a Fauve crocodile Kelly. But there’s something undeniably Grace Kelly about this bag. It’s the perfect combination of vintage and chic—especially when paired with a similarly hued diamond watch and a simple, yet luxurious, diamond bracelet. From the office, to dinner, to holiday in Monaco, this look is versatile and timeless.

Cheery Crossbodies & Crimsons 

What joy this bag brings! Constances are always chic, and braise plus GHW bring extra cheer. Whether you’re looking for something festive or just hoping to add a pop of color to an everyday look, this exotic C is nothing to dismiss.

In our minds, we envision her with diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds. (Well, actually, diamonds and rubies, but you get the gist.) The playfulness of the Constance matches beautifully with these spunky, starry earrings.

Birkin? Exotic? So Black? Check, check, check. 

Okay, we’ll admit it. We love the symmetry of beginning and ending on So Blacks. They’re one of our favorite Hermès styles, and we’re drawn to just how varied black can be. Sure, that may sound a little silly, but think about it: a So Black Box Calf Kelly and a So Black Exotic Birkin are two entirely different bags. We can even envision certain collectors falling for one, and not the other.

This B in particular evokes grandeur like almost no other handbag. That’s why we’ve paired it with the ultimate diamond bracelet (and a simple watch to match—we wouldn’t want to overpower the look now would we?). Would you wear these three pieces in tandem?

Magnificent, right? Which of these bags is your favorite? And which pairing is your favorite? Do you pair your bags with your jewelry, too? Tell us below, and don’t forget to browse the full catalogue, where gorgeous bags and jewels abound.

Register to bid for the Greenwich Luxury Auctions Sale here.

Love, PurseBop

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Published: June 27th, 2020
Updated: July 6th, 2020

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