Meet the Rarest Birkins and Kellys in the World at Greenwich Luxury Auctions

Photo courtesy of Greenwich Luxury Auctions

It’s unusual that we see Hermès bags that are so rare even we are stunned—it’s our job, after all, to keeps tabs on anything and everything Hermès. That said, everyone at PurseBop HQ was floored when we first peeked at the Greenwich Luxury Auctions’ Rare Handbags and Accessories Sale. We scrolled through the lots wide-eyed, with frequent interjections—”did you see that one?!”; “this Kelly is gorgeous!”; “when was the last time you saw that kind of Birkin?” The curation is beyond exceptional. To be honest, we’ve never seen anything like it.

We’re delighted to partner with Greenwich Luxury Auctions for the sale, which takes place at 1pm on March 5 in Riverside, CT. Most of the pieces in the auction are new, and all come with original receipts. Greenwich Luxury Auctions calls it “the largest, most important sale of Hermés handbags ever seen.” But you’ll have to see for yourself. Take a look at some of the bags that took our breath away below, and register to bid—with an absentee option!—here.

Photo courtesy of Greenwich Luxury Auctions

Rarest of the Rare

While we tend to think of the Himalaya Birkin as the rarest handbag in the world, it’s quite possible that title actually belongs to the sterling silver mini Kelly. With a Chaine D’Ancre shoulder strap, and a gorgeous Hermès box resembling a jewelry box, this masterpiece is a true collector’s item (and stunning evening bag!). Not surprisingly, Kylie Jenner has one.

…Which isn’t to say we’ve forgotten the Himalaya  Birkin, the classic Holy Grail Bag. Below you’ll find these two rare bags side-by-side. Which do you prefer? (We must admit the Kelly has stolen our hearts.)

Read more about the Sterling Silver Mini Kelly:

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JLo with her Himalaya Birkin. Photo courtesy of Splash News

Ultra Desirable

Just to reiterate: an Hermès bag doesn’t have to be exotic in order to be rare! In fact, one of the rarest Hermès bags—and one of the most desirable—is the limited edition metallic Birkin in chevre. Each time one of these comes up for auction, it fetches prices much, much higher than it originally sold for. (Plus, it’s no secret metallic is in right now.)

But that doesn’t mean we don’t love a good exotic! Take this crocodile Birkin, for instance. It’s a subdued black, but with a twist—in this case, a red velvet rose. Ultimately, the two bags in this category are both exclusive and unique.

Bella Hadid with her silver metallic Birkin. Photo courtesy of Splash News

Lovely Lizards

Few Hermès bags are crafted from lizard. The brand’s exotics tend to be croc, alligator, or ostrich. So it’s no small feat to get your hands on a Lizard Birkin, Kelly, or Constance.

That’s why we’re delighted each time we see lizard bags at auction! Whether the skins are natural or dyed, lizard lends an interesting texture and dimension to a bag.  We’re partial to the lovely fuchsia Kelly below, but we also find the rare lizard Constance irresistible!

Lizard is in! Just ask Jamie Chua. @ec24m

Adorable Mini Ks (Exotic Of Course!)

It’s difficult to resist the charms of a mini Kelly.  Trust us, we’ve tried. The mini Kelly is perhaps the cutest bag ever created. In the bags here, the exotic skin (alligator!) is just the cherry on top.

We love the glossy, subtle look of the black mini K, which we imagine would pair well with every outfit under the sun. But the electric blue is so beautifully rendered as well—and we can’t stop thinking about how that pop of color would elevate a neutral ensemble.

Kylie Jenner with her exotic mini black Kelly. @kyliejenner

Funky Birkins

Prepare yourselves for what you’re about to witness. These bags are Funky with a capital F. While you may have come across a Shadow Birkin before, you’ve almost certainly never seen anything like the soleil Birkin with a rainbow fringe. (And if you have, we commend your knowledge of Hermès’ limited edition bags!)

While the former might lend a touch of whimsy to a business outfit, we imagine the latter adorning the arm of a bold fashionista on beach vacation. Tell us: where would you wear that bag?

Jamie Chua with her shadow Birkin. @ec24m

A Touch of Perfection

We love Touch Birkins so much that we wrote an official 101 guide on them recently. (Read: All About the Exclusive “Touch Birkin”: Hermès 101 & Reveal) There’s something so elegant about a big with just a “touch” of exotic leather.

What we love about the bags here is how they’re more sophisticated than they appear at first glance: the green Touch Birkin is actually crafted from six skins and at least four different shades of green, while the “black” Touch  Birkin features not only black, but also bleu marine.

Hermès’ Michael Coste meets Tiana Torii with a Touch Birkin. @michaelcostefr

Eccentric Darlings

We couldn’t end this list without fully celebrating something Hermès does best. If you guessed whimsy, you’re absolutely right. Hermès is playful—it’s an essential element of the brand—and the bags below absolutely embody that ethos.

Just think about it: the Bolide and Constance are serious, structured handbags. Because of that, it’s easy to “dress” them up with fun colors, textures, and patterns, that give these bags an entirely new feel while being faithful to the original design. Don’t believe us? Have a look at the two below.

Which of these exceptional Hermès bags are you smitten with? You must have a “Holy Grail” from this auction! Tell us your favorite below. And be sure to check out the full catalogue, where you’re sure to find even more rare bags we didn’t have the chance to feature.

Register to bid for the Greenwich Luxury Auctions Sale here.

Love, PurseBop

Published: February 23rd, 2020
Updated: February 23rd, 2020

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