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It’s no small feat to design a new style handbag and make it an instant classic. But, it’s definitely an area in which Chanel excels. Just look at the immediate and enduring success of its Chanel 19 bag.

Introduced in 2019, the bag is one of the last designs by legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld. Indeed, although part of his last collection, the Chanel 19 actually launched posthumously.

In case you’re wondering about the name, no, it is not the 19th bag designed by Chanel LOL. Rather, the title is rooted in Coco Chanel’s birthday . . . the 19th of August. Her birthdate also is the inspiration for the House’s Chanel 19 perfume, introduced in 1971. Not coincidentally – and like the Chanel 2.55, designed by the grandmaster herself in February, 1955 – the Chanel 19 name also represents the year in which it was launched, in this case 2019.

As you may recall, the bag flew off the shelves within months of its launch in 2019. Two years later, it remains one of the most popular handbags sold at Chanel boutiques worldwide.

This now iconic bag stunningly and swiftly moved from being merely an of-the-moment ‘It’ bag to acquiring cult status. In other words, like the Classic Flap, 2.55, and Boy, the Chanel 19 is yet another classic by the house of Chanel.

What makes the Chanel 19 so drool worthy? Let’s find out!

About the Chanel 19 bag

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Key Features

Clearly, Chanel is a master of the quintessential flap handbag. But what makes this one different from the more established styles is the inclusion of all the classic Chanel ‘codes’ with a casual, less structured vibe.

Its design aesthetics resonate with the ongoing trends of today whilst paying homage to the classic styles in vogue for decades. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine a time when such bags could be out of date.

About the Chanel 19 bag

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Diamond Quilting: The iconic quilting, originally designed by Coco Chanel herself, makes a bolder and bigger appearance on this arm candy. Giving it a trendy edge over the historic classics, it still maintains the elegance synonymous with a Chanel handbag.

Trio of Chains: Chanel 19 features metal hardware in three elements as the header suggests. Namely, the long shoulder-strap, the top handle and the iconic interlocked CC logo. Additionally, the chains represent a trio of metal finishes: silver, aged gold and ruthenium.

Adding a perfect tough of androgyny to the overall look of the bag are the chunky top handle and shoulder strap that bear a resemblance to the metal strap of the Chanel Boy. The long strap allows the bag to be worn over one shoulder or even slung across the body, depending on your style preference.

Both the shoulder strap and the CC insignia are leather entwined with metal links, adding that special touch to the bag’s aesthetic appeal.

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Double CC Logo:
A fraction larger than the one on the classic flap, the leather and metal double CC logo on the Chanel 19, has become one of the most instantly recognizable features of this collection. But it is the interwoven leather and metal detail that distinguishes it from the logo on the other Chanel handbags, making it synonymous with the Chanel 19.

About the Chanel 19 bag

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Space and Storage:
“Roomy” be thy name, Chanel 19! This bag is spacious enough to carry all your daily essentials (even in its smallest size) and has a zip pocket that can house credit cards and money. In addition, the Chanel 19 has a back-pocket similar to its classic flap counterparts.


The Chanel 19 comes in a variety of materials including goatskin, lambskin, wool tweed, sheet sequins and printed fabrics. Naturally, the bag’s price will depend upon the material. Expect the leather version to be the most costly.

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You’ll be spoiled with choices given the myriad of colors available in the Chanel 19! From neutral to pop, the options are absolutely lust worthy.

In leather you can typically find classic colors like brown, light pink, neon pink, gold, blue, white and red. Additionally, there are often stunning gradient hues of blue and purple, pink and gold, and iridescent white.

Also popular are tweed versions of the Chanel 19, including fabrications in yellow-pink, neon blue, white and ecru, black and navy blue. The bag is also available in herringbone and neon graffiti prints – both of which are crafted in fabric with leather elements.

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About the Chanel 19 bag

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Available in four different sizes, all of which are incredibly smart and convenient to carry, the Chanel 19 has a size for all your requirements (be it a night out mini bag or a large all day one) and moods!

For evening, we’d recommend the small size. It will fit essentials like your phone, cards, money, lipstick and even a small sanitizer, given the world we live in.

But for a day to night bag, you probably want to go for the large or maxi size. Unless you carry everything but the kitchen sink, either size should get you through the day and into the evening, looking fabulous!

Chanel 19 Bag StyleDimensions in inches (L X H X D)
Chanel 19 WOC Bag4.8 X 7.5 X 1.4
Chanel 19 Flap Bag6.2 X 10.1 X 3.5
Chanel 19 Large Flap Bag7.8 X 11.7 X 3.9
Chanel 19 Maxi Flap Bag9.8 x 14 X 4.3


Chanel famously increases its prices annually (and sometimes even semiannually). So there’s a good chance the price of the bag has seen a hike since the last time you checked! In fact, given the astronomical rise in the Chanel 19’s popularity, it will come as no surprise that the prices of the bags too have skyrocketed by about 25% since 2019.

As mentioned earlier, the bags in leather are pricier than the ones crafted in other materials. The various sizes are naturally priced differently as well.

Chanel 19 Bag StylePrices in the US as on July 2021
Chanel 19 WOC Leather$3,600
Chanel 19 WOC Fabric$3,400
Chanel 19 Flap Bag Leather$5,700
Chanel 19 Flap Bag Fabric$5,400
Chanel 19 Large Flap Bag Leather$6,300
Chanel 19 Large Flap Bag Fabric$6,000
Chanel 19 Maxi Flap Bag Leather$6,900
Chanel 19 Maxi Flap Bag FabricNA


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Instagram Eye Candy

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About the Chanel 19 bag

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About the Chanel 19 bag

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There is no denying the casual elegance of the Chanel 19, and its timeless appeal across age groups. Seeing its unwavering popularity, we wager that the house of Chanel has found its newest all season classic!

What are your views on the Chanel 19?

Are you ready to place it on the shelf next to your collection of the Classic Chanel Flap Bags and Boy Bags. Or do you give it a pass?

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Published: August 29th, 2021
Updated: August 29th, 2021

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