Chanel Coco Handle: What You Need to Know

What do you get when you cross a Chanel classic CC flap with a Hermès Kelly?  Some say…it’s the Chanel Coco Handle, sometimes called the Flap Bag With Handle. This style stands out in many Chanel collections. The latest Fall-Winter 2020/21 collection is no different.
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Here’s what you need to know about this popular model.

A Guide to the Coco Handle

Also known as the ‘Flap Bag with Handle.’ Chanel released this bag in 2015. The style received mixed reviews at the time. Critics posited that it was too similar to other styles from the House of Chanel.
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The Coco Handle also evoked comparisons to the Hermes Kelly Bag. Read:Hermes Kelly Dupe?
However, the Chanel Coco Handle has stood the test of time and is a fond favorite among many Chanel enthusiasts.
Here are some reasons why:

Chanel Coco Handle

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Reasons to Buy

Quintessentially Chanel

The Coco Handle bag features the Chanel codes we know and love:
• The Diamond Quilting (chevron quilting styles are available in some seasons) on the bag is a signature we can spot from a mile away
• The conspicuous ‘Flap’ is reminiscent of the Classic Flap Bag that is a staple for many
• The interlocking ‘CC’ logo with the twist clasp is also a familiar feature we are accustomed to operating
• The Chain Strap and Back Flap essential to many Chanel styles

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Chevron Coco Handle

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Uniquely Distinctive

Despite the similarities to the Chanel Flap Bag, the Coco Handle stands apart from this and other popular Chanel models. And is perhaps the main reason behind it being unofficially renamed as the ‘Coco Handle’! The top ‘handle’ is its most distinctive feature. Structured and comfortably sized, it stands tall even when put down. The handle, combined with the trapezoid shape, bestows a modern touch to an otherwise classic style.

Coco Handle Guide

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Depending on the size you choose, the bag can find function as a day, an evening, or a day-to-night bag. The medium and large flap bag in particular can see you through your day. All sizes come with a long chain to sling and a top handle to tote. Do note that the chain strap is now detachable feature across all sizes and models (the initial models of the bag had a fixed chain strap).

Day to Night Chanel Bag

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Price Point

Considering the bag’s positioning as a Classic Flap Bag with Handle, the prices of the Coco Handle are significantly lower than the Classic Flap Bags. A 35-40 per cent price difference, especially given the current price increases, is one of the reasons this bag is a tempting option!

Is It Worth It?

For many fans, it’s a vehement ‘Yes’ ! Whether you are new to Chanel or an avid collector, the option to buy a Classic Flap (with or without handles) at these prices is worth a serious consideration.

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Chanel Coco Handle Guide

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The Coco Handle can usually be found in the following leathers and fabrics:

Grained Calfskin – A great option for those looking for a more durable and scratch proof leather.

Smooth Lambskin – This material lends a sheen and overall luxurious look to the bag. Be careful not to scratch this more delicate leather.

Tweed – Season agnostic, Chanel plays around with various color and pattern combinations in tweed, collection after collection.

Velvet (Fall Winter 2020/21) – A fall/winter favorite, the latest collection has one in Black.

Chanel grained lambskin Coco Handle

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Tweed Coco Handle

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Velvet Coco Handle

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The hardware on the Coco Handle tends to be either gold-tone or lacquered metal. Both work beautifully on this style.


The Coco Handle is available in 4 sizes:

Coco Handle Bag StyleDimensions in inches (L X H X D)
Mini Flap Bag with Handle5.1 X 7.5 X 3.5
Small Flap Bag with Top Handle5.5 X 9.4 X 3.9
Flap Bag with Handle7.1 X 11.4 X 4.7
Large Flap Bag with Top Handle8.7 X 13 X 4.7
Chanel Coco Handle Sizes

Comparing White Coco Handle in a Mini Size with Beige Coco Handle in a Small Size. Photo Credit: fwdstyling

Chanel Coco Handle Sizes

Comparing Beige Coco Handle In a Medium size with White Coco Handle in a Small size
Photo Credit: fwdstyling



Colors vary season to season. The options currently available for this style include black, hot pink and turquoise.

Turquoise Coco Handle Mini

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Hot Pink Coco Handle

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Tweed Coco Handle

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Black Coco Handle Large

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With multiple combinations of fabrics, leathers and hardware, the prices too vary. Below is a price list of the bags currently visible online and available in stores:

Mini Flap Bag With HandlePrices in the USPrices in the UK
Grained Calfskin and Lacquered Metal$3,700£3,120
Black Velvet$5,300£4,680
Small Flap Bag With Top HandlePrices in the USPrices in the UK
Grained Calfskin and Lacquered Metal$3,900£3,300
Flap Bag With Top HandlePrices in the USPrices in the UK
Grained Calfskin and Gold Tone Metal$4,000£3,350
Grained Calfskin and Black Metal$4,500£3,720
Large Flap Bag With Top HandlePrices in the USPrices in the UK
Grained Calfskin and Gold Tone Metal$4,300£3,580

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While on the topic of prices, it may be pertinent to note that prices of Coco Handles are currently about 7% higher in the UK than in the United States. Knowing Chanel’s penchant for price harmonization, could there be an increase around the corner for the Coco Handle in the US?

Perhaps consider expediting a planned purchase to sooner rather than later… Just a thought.

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