Hermès’ Le Sur Mesure: A Very Secret Service


Did you know that Hermes has a secret bespoke goods service? You do now. Hermes has been quietly producing made-to-order goods since 1837, largely consisting of fine leather goods and scarves. Now, all bets are off as the Le Sur Mesure (Sense of Measure) workshop in Pantin, France has flourished in creativity under the leadership of designer Axel de Beaufort. Hermès states that Le Sur Mesure offers a ‘bespoke service the size of your dreams”, and a look at recent projects could not make that more evident.

leather boxing gloves hermes.com


From skateboards to the interior of an Astin Marton DB4 to a pair of exquisitely crafted boxing gloves, the sky is truly the limit to what Le Sur Mesure’s artisans can do. Take, for example, the recent Hermès foosball table made of maple wood lined with lush leather, a fully functional piece that made such a splash it garnered a commission of twenty-five additional pieces. Upon closer inspection, one sees that the players are jockeys and not soccer players, a subtle nod to Hermès’ equestrian tradition.


hand-painted jockeys @hermes

A bold and delightful design comes in the form of a bag that looks so much like a granny smith you’ll want to take a bite. The fruit shaped bag is made of lambskin leather constructed around a hard silver shell perfectly shaped for to carry your daily, doctor-recommended apple. The simple yet surreal design captures the artistic merging of innovation and functionality that drives Le Sur Mesure’s pieces.

Custom apple bag hermes.com

When nothing is off the table, the question then becomes what is it that you can find absolutely nowhere else? Of course, this answer must also align with the Hermès image, as the service is as highly selective as one comes to expect from the brand. It is unknown how many of the sales are previous clients versus new ones. This coupled with the lack of a price tag nails home the exclusivity. The work of Le Sur Mesure is about the ingenuity and art of Hermès before all else. For what will definitely set the client back, these custom pieces will not be known as the Hermès products that they are outside of the expert craftsmanship.

The creative team in Pantin is currently working on a couple hundred bespoke bags as well as larger, more experimental pieces. If you could get your hands on a piece Le Sure Mesure, what would it be? Something for everyday use, such as your perfect bag or custom upholstered furniture? Or do you let your imagination reign free and order a statement piece, such as the elegant Hermès rickshaw owned by the Four Seasons Hotel in Kyoto, Japan, or the interior design to your yacht? Let us know in the comments below!

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