Kanye West Creative Director for Hermes?

It’s been virtually impossible lately to open a browser or social media app without seeing something about Kanye West. Among other activities, in the past week he’s endlessly teased his new album (which was finally released on Tidal last night) on Twitter, launched season 3 of his Yeezy Adidas line at the famed Madison Square Garden during fashion week , had a public spat with Taylor Swift, and performed a 10 minute set on SNL.

I’ve never taken more than a passing interest in the Kanye phenomenon, rap isn’t really my thing and I’ve never really taken his forays into fashion seriously. But someone sent me a tweet Mr. West wrote this week stating that he wanted to be the next creative director for Hermes.


My jaw hit the floor. Kanye West? THE Hermes?!?! At first the line struck me as just another intentionally provocative statement by an artist with a project launching the same week. Surely he’s not serious…


Kanye West during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

By all measures, his latest collections are far more interesting and successful than when he started but I really don’t think he’s ready for our beloved Hermes, even if he really does want the job. This isn’t to say that musicians can’t pull off high fashion (anyone who owns LV sunglasses or accessories should google Pharrell Williams), but I doubt Hermes would take such a gamble on such a culturally explosive figure. No one knows what Kanye will do or say next. Hermes is the absolute opposite of unpredictable. Does he have the talent? Maybe. I don’t know Kanye well enough and it could be that he’s just what the brand needs to jumpstart growth in a tough environment. Some say he has impeccable taste, he married Kim.

But I highly doubt anyone in Paris takes him seriously. Do you think Kanye has a shot at the Hermes gig? Could you ever see them bringing a controversial artist like Kanye into the fold? Once I heard the news, I put it out on our IG platform @purseboppicks, let’s just say there was a vehement reaction!

Let’s take our discussion to BopTalk…

Love PurseBop


Kim Kardashian shows off the Birkin Kanye had specially hand painted for her for Christmas.


Kanye West Debuts ‘The Life of Pablo’ and His Yeezy Season 3 Collection. Photo credit New York Times.


Kanye West and Taylor Swift at the 2015 Grammy Awards. LARRY BUSACCA / GETTY IMAGES FOR NARAS


Published: February 14th, 2016
Updated: May 18th, 2017

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5 Responses to “Kanye West Creative Director for Hermes?”

  • That’s a HAC, not a Birkin…seriously?! As for Ye, the only folks who care are those who see him as the lightening rod he pretends to be….if he was nameless, this article wouldn’t exist. There are plenty of multifaceted and multitalented people in the world who can rock a mic and design, act, direct, and/or write. Will Smith, Victoria Beckham, Ron Howard, Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy, etc. come to mind so being a musician is hardly dispositive. Hermes will choose what Hermes wants…and I haven’t heard a peep from Hermes so…?

  • 2 words for Kanye meets Hermès: NO WAY ??? H is was to classic, nothing to do with his ultra modern style… My opinion ????

  • If Kanye becomes creative director of hermes, I will sell all of my Birkins, Kelly’s ect…… Everything I own from hermes!!!!

  • Creative Director is not gonna happen, but I think a limited-edition colaboration on a couple of pieces for one season would be a very interesting idea. “Kanye West pour Hermes”

    Color me crazy, but Kanye took Kim Kardashian’s style from Real Housewife to as Couture as she was gonna get. Anna Wintour didn’t put them in the cover of Vogue for nothing…

    Jean Paul Gaultier was a much more extreme choice for Hermes than Kanye will ever be, design wise, and there he was…