Lesson Learned: Dior Is a Better Deal in Paris

Buy Now, Don't Pay More Later

Dior Avenue Montaigne

Since I’ve spent the better part of my Sunday morning dreaming, messaging, and texting about this Dior beauty that I left behind, it makes sense to share my thoughts in real time.

On the last day of my recent Paris trip –  and still on the hunt for the perfect bucket hat – I visited the nearby and new Dior boutique on Rue Saint Honoré. To be clear, this was actually in the evening, just before our dinner engagement; a mere night’s sleep before our flight the following morning. We were already packed and ready to go except…I still sought one more item: A bucket hat a là Emily in Paris that I would wear home on the plane. 

As I mentioned in a recent Instagram post, the service at Dior was par excellence. In fact, I remain baffled by the attention and care sales associates afforded a potential client that really and transparently was there to buy only a hat. Mr. PurseBop was offered champagne and macaroons. If I remember correctly, I had imbibed a bit too much; otherwise I would have had more. The women were so sweet and had a very methodical way of introducing me to many of their hats. I’m going to scroll back in my camera roll to find you whatever photos I took. 

And yes, I purchased a blue velvet Dior Bucket hat, which I wore almost immediately. But, as my nom de plume is PurseBop, I naturally could not ignore the handbags.  As I tried several hats and a troop of associates joined the fun, I casually inquired if there was anything else really spectacular that I should see? I should have known the answer would be ‘mais bien sûr, or but of course!

Almost instantly, a gorgeous embroidered leather beauty appeared. And from all the coverage it has received at Pursebop you know by now how much I truly love it. However, because the bag is fully crafted in leather, it is very heavy. As a result, although I admired its beauty, I made the difficult decision I had to pass. Before leaving the boutique, my Paris SA provided her contact information with a beautiful calligraphy gold card. A bientôt Dior Paris… 

So the story should be over. I’m back in Chicago. The Christmas holidays with the family have come and gone.  Life has resumed to a new normal – with reflections on my Paris trip.

Yesterday, however, I stepped out in the frigid cold to photograph my Dior Book Tote in the snow and to share on Instagram. For those who follow me, it led to a rather extensive discussion about the tote in IG stories (which probably is expired by now). But to fill you in, I reviewed the retail price of the Book Tote when it was first released as compared to today. I woke up this morning to so many DM’s it made me consider whether – just maybe – I should buy one more Dior bag before the anticipated price increase later this month. Read: Fasten Your Seatbelts – Dior is Next to Increase Prices

The frigid expedition, lol @pursebop

And if I did, I knew just which one it would be. But let me be clear: it’s not the price hike making me want a bag. Indeed, had the timing been different – as in if I’d had another day in Paris – my luggage may have been a bit heavier. Just not with the Lady Dior. 

What I didn’t mention is that there is a Dior Book Tote that matches the stunning white Lady Dior I coveted in Paris. When there, I saw it in blue, but learned white is also an option. And that, my friends, is the book tote I would get (quickly), if I decided to purchase another. Hence, I posted the following story on IG:


Fast forward to 11:05 AM CST, my sales associate from Paris replies. The usual greetings and re-introduction and lo and behold she remembers exactly who I am. Must be the sparkly hat and the ring exchange that took place, lol.

My ring on my SA… you can see the navy version book tote beneath our hands.

So here’s some details on questions I had that she quickly answered. 


  • Dior Paris cannot ship to the United States, only within Europe. 


  • If I were to pay for the bag myself but have a friend pick it up locally in Paris I would not be entitled to the VAT. I would pay the sticker price on the bag.

Now the wait begins, I asked that she try to find the white version in a Dior Book Tote. Apparently very few were made. Although blue leather version remains available… I am only interested in white. And truthfully despite the fact that the bag might be available here in the US now, I don’t know if I can bring myself to buy it here at the US prices + tax, ughh. 

It’s been an educational morning with a valuable lesson. When in Paris, if you love something DIOR, buy it! Right then and there. The savings alone are quite possibly worth a plane ticket to Paris.

A rough ‘top of my head’ handbag math calculation suggests the savings approximate $1800 including the VAT refund. Once the prices go up later this month expect to pay another 10- 15% more. 


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I’ll keep you posted once I hear back. But if nothing else, this has been a really good lesson for me and hopefully you too.

Au revoir for now.


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Published: January 9th, 2022
Updated: January 9th, 2022

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