Have an Hermès Picnic at the Christie’s Auction

What are you bringing to this weekend’s picnic?  Whether at the beach, a barbeque or even the backyard, we’ve found the perfect picnic bag. The only catch (besides price): it won’t fit your brie, baguette or beer.

Behold the limited edition Osier Picnic Kelly introduced by Hermès In 2011. Osier (also known as wicker) is a delicate material that requires the most skilled artisans’ expertise to ensure this bag be sturdy and secure. Hermès succeeded in re-creating a true Kelly bag in wicker and trimmed with famed Barenia leather (known for its use in saddles) with palladium hardware.  All these years later, the Osier Kelly remains a sought-after collector’s item.

Over the years, Hermès has introduced other picnic party series bags in limited edition wicker.  2012 saw the Garden Party picnic bag – the closest to an actual Hermès basket. And in 2016, craftspeople perfected a technique for rounded creations in the material, paving the way for the farming picnic bag.  By the way, there is an actual Hermès picnic basket, if you care and can find it. 

If you missed the prior picnic party purses, don’t fret – these bags occasionally come up for sale.  In November 2017, one sold at Christie’s Hong Kong auction for about $67,000. And just this week, the London sale saw a similar bag bring in about $43,000.

For a little more color at your picnic, there’s an Osier Kelly trimmed with turquoise Swift leather from 2013 at the NYC online auction.

When you’d rather tuck a straw clutch and tote a bag filled with food, a picnic clutch trimmed with blue paon leather might be the right choice, also at Christie’s online NYC auction.

Which of these bags would be at your picnic table?

Make sure to check out all of the bags at the Christie’s New York auction online May 29 – June 19.

PurseBop visits the Hermès picnic Kelly and clutch at Christie’s with her Barenia Birkin 30.

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Published: June 15th, 2018
Updated: June 15th, 2018

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