PurseBop x Christie’s: The Evolution of a Collection

PurseBop is once again honored to be a part of the latest handbag auctions at Christie’s Auction House.  It’s always exciting when an esteemed curator of art and antiquities collections recognizes the important place of handbags in the lives of so many.  Our continued relationship with Christie’s is a testament to the growing stature of our community.

PurseBop’s four types of Hermès handbag collector — which one are you?

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At Christies you’ll find our article on the evolution of a collector, something we all love to ponder.  In our newest piece, we break the types of collectors down into four groups, from newbies to elite collectors.  As we handbag lovers know all too well, what we want for our first bag rarely resembles our latest.  Aren’t we all on that slippery slope towards ever more exclusive and elusive items?

We  feature incredible bags from the three upcoming Christie’s sales that may fit each particular phase.  The New York auction is online May 29 – June 19, but live for browsing now. The live auction in Hong Kong is May 30.  London is on June 12th.   As always, for both the Hong Kong and London events, you can bid in absentia, They make it very easy for us to bid by phone or through the Christie’s platform.  

As part of our collaboration with Christie’s, our PurseBop community members are entitled to a little extra special care. If you are interested in curating your collection with Christie’s or if you should need any help with registration, the bidding process or would like any bag tips or advice, contact us at [email protected] or direct message us on IG @pursebop and we will make sure to get you the help you need.

Now have a read of our latest article and let us know how you relate – which of the defined levels best identifies you?

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Published: May 25th, 2018
Updated: May 26th, 2018

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