Poll: Do You Use the Clochette on Birkins and Kellys?

Birkin Clochette preference options


Last fall, we wrote an article about a surprise feature of the Mini Kelly: it doesn’t actually have a clochette! (You know, the hanging cover for the lock & keys that looks a bit like a charm).The response to this article came as a little bit of a surprise to us. Some hadn’t noticed the Mini K was missing a clochette; others admitted that it’s no big deal since they never even use their clochettes!
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So we decided to take a closer look at Birkins & Kellys with AND without clochettes, and then do a little poll—with a few additional questions—to see how many people in our community actually use the clochette on their H bags. What do you think the results will be…?

Birkin clochette preferences


With Clochette



Without Clochette



Time to Vote

Monogrammed Kelly Clochette


Birkin without Clochette

Sans clochette, with lock attached to touret. @gracefulkelly33

We truly have no idea which way the scales will tip. We can’t wait to discover the results! In the meantime, tell us: why do you use or not use the clochette?

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Published: June 17th, 2020
Updated: June 17th, 2020

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